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Travel sizes – body care products for hand luggage and travelling

Having body care products in travel sizes is not only handy, but also important. Airline passengers are only permitted to carry a limited amount of liquids in their hand luggage – which includes body care products such as creams and lotions, toothpaste and shaving cream. Aerosols such as deodorants and perfume and cream-based or gel-based make-up such as mascara or lipstick are also subject to hand luggage restrictions. The same rules apply to medications and liquid baby food. So it’s very important to check that all your fluid or cream-based products are the right size for your hand luggage.

What hand luggage sizes apply for liquids on aeroplanes?

  • The maximum size for any liquid, cream-based or gel-based product in your hand luggage is 100 ml. It doesn’t matter how much is actually in the container; what counts is the quantity printed on the label. So it’s advisable to buy liquid products in special hand luggage sizes.
  • All liquids also have to be packed into a 1-litre plastic, resealable bag which you have to present as you pass security at the airport. And remember: passengers may only carry one of these bags per person. 
  • You may take any liquids which you have purchased from a duty free shop in the airport in your hand luggage, provided you carry them, together with the receipt, in a sealed security bag with a red edge. This applies to all liquids purchased in such shops – whether spirits, drinks or body care products. Please note that you are not permitted to open the sealed bag during your flight.
  • If you want to take larger quantities of liquids with you when you travel by plane, you can check them in with your main baggage. 

Buy body care products in travel sizes – in the Heinemann Shop

Enjoy travelling in style, and don’t miss out on the soothing effect of quality body care products from famous brands such as Biotherm, L’Oréal, Clarins, Elisabeth Arden and Clinique when you’re on the go. From shower gels to body lotions to facial creams and hand creams to deodorants and toothpaste in travel sizes – in the Heinemann Shop, you’ll find body care products in hand luggage sizes of 100 ml or less as Travel Exclusive Editions – which you can then take on board safely in your hand luggage, in a 1-litre zip bag. Discover our twin travel size sets and buy two 30 ml products for the price of one 50 ml product.Place an online order in the Heinemann Shop for all the care products you need for your trip. Make sure to regularly check out the products on offer in our Sale and Special Offers sections – where you’ll find make-up, perfumes, spirits, as well as fine foods and sweets, all at bargain prices.Choose to have your order delivered directly to your door or ready for collection from the Heinemann Shop at the airport – whichever you prefer.