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Sauces & Mustard

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Spicy, sweet or grainy – mustard stands for culinary variety

Mustard is a standard condiment for hearty home fare. However, this spicy paste has far more to offer than the typical medium-hot table mustard that conventionally accompanies sausages or eggs. The main ingredients are always yellow and/or brown mustard seeds. The other ingredients characterise the taste of the particular mustard variety: 
  • Spicy mustard is made of brown mustard seeds, vinegar and salt, sometimes with a few spices added. Among the best known spicy mustard varieties are French Dijon mustard and English mustard.
  • Medium-hot mustard is made in the same way as spicy mustard, but generally contains a higher proportion of mild yellow mustard seeds. It is known as a simple barbecue sauce and widely used for cooking.
  • Sweet mustard is a typical South German speciality made of coarsely ground mustard seeds, vinegar and spices, and using sugar, honey or puréed apple as a sweetener. 
You can also enjoy and experiment with countless gourmet mustard varieties such as tarragon mustard, grape mustard (made with fermented grape juice, giving it a slight sweetness), fig mustard or truffle mustard.

Pesto – much more than pine nuts and basil

The traditional Pesto alla Genovese, made of pine nuts, basil, parmesan cheese and olive oil is known throughout the world. But there is also an abundance of delicious pestos made from the most diverse, highly aromatic ingredients. Whether Pesto Rosso with dried tomatoes, sweet pepper pesto or wild garlic pesto – this viscous, creamy sauce adds an instant touch of sophistication to pasta, bruschetta, fish or dips with a quark or cream cheese base. Here at Heinemann, you’ll also find pestos from the Italian manufacturer Villa Reale, which uses extravagant ingredients such as shrimps, pistachios or pepperoncino to add special flavour.

Chutneys – concentrated aromas of vegetables, spices and fruits

Sweet, sour or spicy, and in a wide range of colours and textures: chutney, the traditional Indian spicy sauce, is the perfect flavoursome condiment to go with meat and fish, but is also popular in combination with cold foods. Generally, vegetables, onions and fruits provide the basis of a chutney, with sugar and exotic spices added. English chutneys are particularly popular – such as the British Cartwright & Butler brand, for example. Another popular choice is the Italian brand Urbani Tartufi.

Fine sauces for meat, fish and pasta online from Heinemann

Let yourself be inspired by the diverse aromas of first-class sauces and mustard varieties: Heinemann brings you international classics and unusual sauces for the modern kitchen. From creamy truffle sauces to steak sauces to intensively spicy pastes for meat and fish, you can conveniently order your favourite gourmet sauces online in the Heinemann Shop.