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Wine gum & Candy

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Wine gums vs. fruit gums – what’s the difference between the various types of sweets?

Some people say wine gums when they mean gummy bears; others call them jelly babies or fruit gums. But what is the correct name – and is there actually a difference between wine gums and fruit gums? By definition, wine gums only refer to sweets which contain tartaric acid or real wine as an acidifier. Jelly confectionery manufactured with citric acid or lactic acid is referred to as fruit gums. English wine gums, such as those by Bassets, contain acetic acid, making them genuine wine gums, whilst the famous golden bears made by Haribo are classed as fruit gums. 


Gummy bears – the classic 100-year-old fruit gum prototype

When Hans Riegel, a confectioner living in Bonn, invented the gummy bear in 1922 – then called the “dancing bear” – it marked the beginning of an unparalleled success story. Today, Haribo gummy bears are known and loved around the globe. With its wide range of fruit gums, Haribo is one of the most successful confectioners in the world. Whether you opt for Fantasia, Tropi-Frutti, Happy Cola or Haribo Travel Editions – exclusively available in the Heinemann Shop – Haribo is always the perfect tasty surprise.


Lollies, chewy sweets, mints and more – online in the Heinemann Shop

Sweet and fruity, or with a mint, caramel or liquorice flavour – the range of tasty sweets and chewy sweets is huge. Whether Tic-Tacs – available not only in the classic mint and orange flavours, but also in a wide range of seasonal flavours – or colourful Chupa Chups lollies, fruity little Skittles in various colours, or fruit sweets and lollies by Fazer, which primarily appeal to children, there’s something for everyone in Heinemann’s range of international sweets.


Present a loved one with a colourful Heinemann Travel Editions gift

The Heinemann online and airport shops beckon with attractive prices for sweets, delicacies, spirits and more. For many airport customers, however, the price is not the decisive factor: it’s the high-quality range and the limited editions which are only available in the Duty Free shop. Gummy bears, sweets and lollies are also available in fantastic Heinemann Travel Retail Editions, for example a large pack with four varieties of Ricola herbal drops, Chupa Chups lollies inside a fun cuddly toy or the Haribo Air Parade with fruit gums in the shape of miniature aeroplanes. Surprise your loved ones with intricately designed Travel Editions – online or in the Heinemann airport shop.