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Men Fragrances

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Athletic, sensual and full of character – fragrances for men

Men’s fragrances are particularly popular in the form of intensive eaux de parfum or as lighter eaux de toilette versions, both of which continue to exude their appealing scent for several hours. Eau de cologne and eau fraîche fragrances, on the other hand, are lighter and contain fewer aromatic substances. Whether or not you like a fragrance depends on the ‘notes’ it includes.

Personal taste and character are the deciding factors when choosing the right fragrance for each man: athletic and fresh like Bvlgari Aqva, Davidoff Cool Water, Dior Homme Sport or Hugo by Hugo Boss? Or are you bold enough to make a strong statement – with a men’s fragrance such as Gucci Guilty Black, WOW! by Joop or Sauvage by Dior? Perhaps you’d prefer a lighter scent that conjures up feelings of holidays and wide open spaces? Then choose from a wide range of carefree men’s fragrances such as Clinique Happy for Men, Ralph Lauren Polo, Versace Blue Jeans or Only the Brave by Diesel – or discover the refreshing eau fraîche versions of summer fragrances such as Tommy Hilfiger Tropics, Jil Sander Sun Men or Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier.


Stylish unisex fragrances such as CK One, CK 2 and CK Free by Calvin Klein exude the light and uncomplicated scent of freedom. You’ll find that there’s a perfect fragrance for every man and every taste.


Men’s fragrances from Heinemann – from aftershave to shower gel to fragrance sets

For those who want to include their favourite fragrance in their body care routine, many men’s fragrances are also available as exclusive body care products which not only pamper your skin, but also exude that special scent. In particular, top men’s fragrances such as Davidoff Cool Water, Boss Bottled and Hugo, Fahrenheit and Sauvage by Dior and Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier are available not only as fragrances, but also often as aftershaves, deodorants and even shower gels.

As body care products such as deodorants generally cost far less than eaux de parfum, they offer the perfect opportunity to try out a new scent. The same applies to ‘coffrets’, as perfume sets are sometimes called: these enable you to test different men’s fragrances from major brands such as Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Paco Rabanne in exclusive miniature bottles, and find your new favourite. Let us inspire you, and discover our special Travel Exclusive editions of famous men’s fragrances in the Heinemann Shop – which also make great gifts for the man in your life.