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Perfume, eau de parfum and eau de toilette – what are the differences?

The variety of exquisite perfumes and fragrances available is huge. Renowned perfume manufacturers offer more than just different fragrance compositions like fresh, floral or heavy. There are many perfumes that are available as women’s fragrances and as matching men’s fragrances, as well as in various intensities of fragrance. The exact description of a fragrance is based on the concentration of aromatic substances: 

  • Perfumes such as those by Hermès contain 20–30% active aromatic substances, even up to 40% in a parfum intensif [intense perfume]. They are dabbed on to the neck or on the wrists in minimal quantities.
  • Eau de parfum, like by DKNY or Chloé contains 10–20% aromatic substances. Due to the intensity, eau de parfum is suitable mainly for the evening and for special occasions.
  • Eau de toilette, for example by Gucci, Versace or Biotherm, contains 5–15% aromatic substances. It is applied on the skin using a spray bottle and is perfect as a daily-wear fragrance.
  • Eau de cologne, for example by 4711 contains 3–8% aromatic substances. The term not only applies to the famous German Kölnisch Wasser [cologne water] but also to all light colognes with the right scent concentration. 
  • Eau fraîche, by Dior, is also referred to as body splash or splash cologne. With 1–3% aromatic substances, the light body spray is ideal for refreshing the skin now and then.

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Women’s perfumes that flatter your personality – available online from Heinemann

Perfumes are not an insignificant purchase: a fragrance should always reflect the personality and taste of its wearer. The complex range of aromatic substances can be classified into a few basic notes:

  • Fresh fragrances commonly have citrus notes, light herbal notes or oceanic aromas. They are perfect for athletic, active women who do not prefer very intense fragrances.
  • Powdery fragrances are slightly sweet, very elegant and yet discreet. They are for women who love a grand appearance without being too dominant.
  • Floral fragrances are very popular and are considered feminine and youthful. Floral notes are often combined with fruity nuances to create a more complex fragrance.
  • Oriental fragrances are intense and often have strong spiced notes. These sensuous fragrances are an effective evening perfume.

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