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Jewellery, watches and leather goods – elegant accessories for him and her 

Purses, writing instruments and sunglasses – accessories are indispensable and an integral part of our everyday lives. And they are also fashionable contrasts that can be carefully selected and cleverly combined to create a particular look. Just like in all other areas of fashion, women have a disproportionately large choice when it comes to accessories:  from handbags to jewellery and textiles such as scarves and wraps, to belts and purses, there is a plethora of feminine accessories in various sizes and designs – some are playful, others are modern and minimalist, whereas others still are sparkly and luxurious. Men’s accessories in all areas have had a more classic feel to them until recently – from sophisticated calf’s leather wallets to aviator sunglasses to solid stainless steel chronographs. But increasingly, men are also discovering striking jewellery and stunning accessories to wear. Be inspired by the exclusive selection in the Heinemann Shop – buy jewellery, watches and other accessories as gifts, or treat yourself to something quite special. 

Making a striking impression – with harmoniously coordinated accessories

An accessory’s impact always depends on the context. Depending on the occasion and outfit, jewellery, leather goods and sunglasses can have a very different visual appeal. Here are a few basic rules for looking stylish: 
  • Coordinated colours: choose similar leather types and colours for purses, diaries and pen cases. The metal colour of your wristwatch should also match the colour of your cufflinks and belt buckle. 
  • Wear a maximum of one eye-catching piece: too many conspicuous accessories produce a cluttered effect and are distracting. To showcase an extravagant accessory such as a large watch or long earrings perfectly, combine it with a few unobtrusive items.
  • Insist on quality: it is worth investing a little more money in really good quality accessories. Top-class materials and careful workmanship are not only seen in the appearance of writing instruments, leather goods and watches, but also in their durability and lifespan.
Trust in your personal taste – and rely on the creativity and sense of style of international designers like Versace, Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Gucci and Prada. Discover the extraordinary accessories from these brands and other big names in the Heinemann Shop. Use our practical pre-ordering service: as an airline passenger, you can order online up to 90 days before the date of your flight and simply collect your order at the airport before you depart.