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Earrings, necklaces and more – discover fantastic women’s jewellery 


Women’s jewellery is amazingly diverse. Like women’s fashion, jewellery for women is imaginative and diverse, and is used by style-conscious women to put the finishing touches to an outfit. Whether it’s classic pearl stud earrings or playful crystal drop earrings, a luxurious necklace with a lavish Swarovski pendant or a delicate vintage necklace, a fashionable charm bracelet or a glittering bangle in rose gold – there’s always the perfect piece of jewellery for each and every occasion. The Heinemann Shop also stocks a wide range of select jewellery. Draw inspiration from the creative ideas of leading jewellery manufacturers, and buy elegant jewellery, feminine watches, sunglasses and other accessories which will continue to delight you for years to come. 

Demonstrate style – with cufflinks and other masculine accessories


For many years, a wedding ring, a watch and perhaps cufflinks were considered to be the only adornments a man might need. Thankfully, these times are over – today, fashion-conscious men know exactly how to underscore their personal style with striking men’s jewellery. Big brands such as Emporio Armani and Fossil offer exciting ranges of masculine jewellery to complement any outfit, whether casual or business. In the Heinemann Shop, you’ll find everything you need to step out in style: from fashionable men’s wristbands made of steel and leather to linear neck chains to a wide selection of intricately crafted cufflinks. Demonstrate an eye for detail – with quality men’s jewellery from the Heinemann Shop. 

It’s all about the right combination – how to wear jewellery in style


Each piece of jewellery is a star seeking a fitting stage. The best way to draw out the character of your jewellery is to follow these style rules: 
  • Less is more: this applies in particular to extravagant pieces of jewellery such as large neck chains or fanciful earrings. Such items need to be showcased as highlights, without the distraction of too many other accessories. 
  • Choose similar materials: If you’re wearing gold earrings, combine them with a necklace or bracelet which is also made of gold. In the same way, make sure that the colour of the metal on your cufflinks matches the metal of your watch or belt buckle. 
  • Jewellery as a contrasting feature to an outfit: If you’re wearing an elaborately designed top or a flamboyantly coloured dress, your jewellery should be discreet in comparison. Conversely, combine large, extravagant pieces of jewellery with plainer outfits. 
Be enchanted – by the timelessly elegant jewellery and fashion accessories for men and women in the Heinemann Shop.