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Sparkling variety – drop earrings, studs, hoops and more


For thousands of years, earrings have been a popular form of jewellery. The oldest earrings ever to be found were made of jade, and were worn around 8,000 years ago in Inner Mongolia. Over the years, the early rings and pendants have been complemented by new designs, not least thanks to a growing variety of available materials:
  • Drop earrings are attached to the ear via a butterfly closure or hook closure, and are perpetually in motion. As a result, they sparkle and glisten constantly – making them perfect for special occasions and simple, elegant outfits.
  • Studs are small, subtle pieces of jewellery which sit directly on the ear lobe. Generally, they consist of a single precious stone or of precious metal. Themed earrings are also popular and come in silver, gold and stainless steel.
  • Hoops are circular earrings which come in all sizes and styles. Large, extravagant hoops have been in fashion in recent years; their smaller, more subtle counterparts in silver and white gold are also perfect for combining with business suits. 
What earring type suits you? Colourful crystal earrings from Coeur de Lion? Curvy stainless steel hoops with delicate glitter gems from Fossil? Or simple gold studs from Swarovski? Find your perfect pair in the Heinemann Shop. 

All that glitters is not gold – earrings in other quality metals


Beautiful jewellery derives its appeal from its lustre and its seductive shine. The earrings in the Heinemann Shop are manufactured from classic precious metals:
  • Gold is the epitome of luxury and immortal beauty. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all used to make jewellery. In earrings, gold has a particular charm when combined with glittering crystals.
  • Silver is traditionally used to make jewellery; its cool shimmer sets the perfect stage for precious stones, pearls and crystals. Those who suffer from allergies should opt for jewellery made with white gold or titanium, as oxidised silver can irritate skin.
  • Stainless steel is more robust than gold or silver, meaning it can be deployed in a wider variety of ways. For this reason, versatile, sparkling stainless steel is often used to create particularly thin or delicate pieces of jewellery.
Steel sets the stage beautifully for sparkling precious stones or coloured crystals – browse the Heinemann Shop and see for yourself. 

Spoil yourself – with luxurious earrings from the Heinemann Shop


Every woman deserves a little luxury. Whether it’s discreet studs to complement a business suit, extravagant drop earrings to contrast against a plain black top, or timelessly beautiful pearl earrings with a long evening dress – treat yourself to some earrings and other beautiful jewellery from international designers in the Heinemann Shop.