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UV protection – ensure you include this in your criteria when choosing sunglasses


Even though the look is the crucial deciding factor when purchasing sunglasses, you should also ensure that the lenses provide adequate UV protection. Your retina is up to 20 times more sensitive to UV radiation than your skin and can be damaged, particularly when the radiation is extremely strong in summer, on water or reflected off snow. As there is not yet any standard labelling for UV protection on lenses in sunglasses, you should note the following when making a purchase: 
  • The CE label guarantees 100 % UV protection in accordance with European guidelines and provides basic protection against UV rays, although it is insufficient for extreme conditions.
  • UV 400 means that the lenses filter the entire UV spectrum – ensuring that your eyes are optimally protected from damaging UV rays.
  • EN ISO 12312 is a quality standard that applies to sunglasses which sets requirements for the size and quality of the glasses in addition to the UV filter categories 0–4.
Ensure the lenses of your sunglasses are big enough to protect your eyes from all sides.  In principle, it is worth investing a bit more money in your sunglasses – after all, good quality makes a considerable difference – as it does for writing instruments and leather goods. Discover the high-quality brands of sunglasses in the Heinemann Shop. 

Sunglasses for men and women – these looks are always on trend


Sunglasses are a fashion accessory – with endless variations: the colour and shape of the lenses, the material and design of the frames, patterns, effects and extravagant details are constantly creating new trends. And yet there are a few timeless looks that are always just right for you:
  • Mirrored lenses: partial or full mirroring is used for aviator glasses or the classic Ray-Ban “Wayfarer” sunglasses, and is also used for cool sports sunglasses. 
  • Aviator sunglasses: pilot’s sunglasses with a narrow wire frame and tear-drop shaped lenses are an iconic fashion and are equally popular with men and women.
  • Large, round lenses: the 1960s and John Lennon immortalised this look. Since then, this timeless shape has been reinterpreted and has inspired designers such as Prada, Versace and Gucci for their sunglasses.
  • Contrast frames: it is not only the famous Wayfarer style sunglasses that have a striking plastic frame. Cat eye styles, sports sunglasses and extravagant fashion sunglasses come alive with their wide, sometimes strikingly designed frames.
Of course, Heinemann has all these classic looks available, but also minimalist sunglasses and on-trend models by international designers, too. Be inspired by the exclusive Heinemann range and order your sunglasses and other high-quality accessories conveniently online and take advantage of the convenience of simply collecting them from the Heinemann Shop at the airport on the day you fly.