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Watches for men – tasteful variety with appeal


A wristwatch is far more than a functional timepiece. Nowadays, elegant men’s watches are seen more than ever as masculine decorative items. And modern watches often offer a full range of additional functions that increase their appeal. The most popular men’s watches include: 
  • Chronographs: watches with a stopwatch function are typical sports and diver’s watches. Their characteristics include a robust case with one or two stop buttons and additional small faces within one large face.
  • Automatic watches: automatic watches are technical masterpieces that function without batteries and without mechanical winding – the winding mechanism is automatically activated by wrist movement. Automatic watches are available from almost all the big manufacturers, including Fossil and Maurice Lacroix.
  • Digital watches have an electronic rather than mechanical movement. They often have quite a sporty design and are made of PVC and stainless steel. Digital watches have become somewhat rare with the rise of smartphones and tablets.
  • Swiss watches: Swiss watches have always been known for perfection from a technical and stylistic point of view. The determining factors for this good reputation are the extremely precise Swiss mechanisms made famous by brands such as Victorinox and Maurice Lacroix.
All these different styles can be found in various shapes and designs. Take a look in the Heinemann Shop and see the variety of modern men’s watches for yourself.

A constant companion – how to find the men’s watch to suit you


Buying a watch is not an everyday purchase, even if it is designed to accompany you in everyday life. To ensure that you still find pleasure in your high-quality men’s watch years later, it should be chosen with care: 
  • If you only want to wear a wristwatch now and then, an automatic watch is not the right choice for you. It would stop working after a few days of not being worn.
  • If you wear business suits to work, then we recommend a classic Swiss watch made of stainless steel or silver in a medium-size shape – make sure that your belt buckle matches the colour of the watch. 
  • If you are sporty and active and want to wear your watch in your leisure time as well as at work, a chronograph is a good choice. High-quality models are very robust, waterproof and have the typical stopwatch function.
When all is said and done, your personal taste is naturally crucial when choosing a wristwatch.  When choosing between our watch collections, be inspired by big names such as Emporio Armani, Junkers, Superdry and many others, and order watches and other accessories online in the Heinemann Shop. Heinemann will have your items ready for you to collect from the airport shop.