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Ladies’ watches: which wristwatch suits you


More than ever, the design of ladies’ wristwatches is a prime consideration. A wristwatch is a decorative addition to your wrist and can be worn as a deliberately eye-catching item. The Heinemann range includes ladies’ watches in many different styles – which look suits you best?
  • Classic: ladies’ watches made of stainless steel, gold or silver with the typical, folded metal bands make an impression with their subtle, yet high-quality look. The ratio between the watch face and strap is very balanced so that classic ladies’ watches by brands such as Citizen coordinate with lots of different looks.
  • Sporty: whilst men’s sports watches are usually large with lots of sophisticated functions, women’s sports watches are designed with a slim and dynamic look. Popular materials are stainless steel and plastic, and bright colours or colour blocking are currently on trend, as seen in Lambretta’s latest designs.
  • Vintage: vintage watches are inspired by the timeless elegance of times gone by. Strong shapes, subtle details and classic materials like leather, stainless steel and silver characterise ladies’ watches by brands such as Skagen.
  • Fashion:  fashion watches are worn like jewellery. They attract attention with luxurious straps, unusual shapes and extravagant details. 

The trend of the second watch – fashionable and unusual ladies’ watches


A high-quality watch is a companion for life – but for a while now, there has been a trend for a second watch, worn as a fashionable accessory. While the classic ladies’ watch showcases timeless elegance, a second watch usually has a very modern design – with wide, intricate wristbands, colour-blocked or with striking patterns and material mixes.  Second watches are not worn all the time, but selected according to your outfit and the occasion, like a beautiful bracelet or a particular necklace. And just like with any elaborate piece of jewellery: the more eye-catching the accessory, the simpler the outfit should be. Combine a Lambretta watch in hot fluorescent colours with a black polo neck sweater, or wear an elaborate Swarovski ladies’ watch with hundreds of sparkling crystals to highlight an understated dress – opposites attract.

Precious gifts for special people: ladies’ watches from Heinemann


A watch is not an everyday gift but rather a sign of great closeness – after all, you have to know someone very well to choose the right wristwatch. Present a special person with a gift that will be something to wear for years: as an airline passenger, you can order beautiful ladies’ watches online from the Heinemann Shop up to 90 days prior to the date of your flight. Heinemann will have the items ready to collect from the Heinemann Shop on the day you fly – to make it a perfect surprise.