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Distinctive brows – how to select make-up for your eyebrows

Eyebrow make-up is all about colouring the eyebrow hairs as well as filling the spaces in between, so that the brows appear thicker and better defined. There is a variety of eye make-up available for this purpose:


  • Eyebrow pencils such as those by L’Oréal or Lancôme, look like lip liners or kohl pencils, except they have a small brush at the end to shape the brows. The relatively firm lead colours the hairs and can correct the shape of the brow to give it a more uniform arch. Eyebrow pencils are an uncomplicated tool, although they do need to be sharpened sometimes.
  • At first glance, liquid eyebrow pencils look like mascara in terms of both the packaging and the shape of the brush. Liquid eyebrow pencils like those by Givenchy, colour the brow hairs and keep the brow in shape at the same time, because the make-up dries up after applying. For women with thicker lashes, transparent eyebrow pencils are available to define the brows, for example from Lancôme.
  • Eyebrow powder is used by make-up professionals – the powder is applied using a brush, which ensures natural-looking, clearly defined eyebrows. An alternative to eyebrow powder is a normal eye shadow in the right shade – however, this does not last particularly long.

Regardless of the product you prefer, you should match the colour of your eyebrow make-up to your skin tone or slightly darker. Heinemann offers eyebrow make-up in all colour shades as well as transparent eyebrow pencils.


It is all in the details – how to make up your eyebrows

Distinctive eyebrows are in vogue. Follow the tips below to ensure your eye make-up looks as natural as possible:


  • Plucking: the natural shape of your eyebrows should be defined as precisely as possible before applying any make-up. To do this, you need to regularly pluck out any protruding hairs using small tweezers: the beginning of the brows should be at the same level as the inner corner of the eye, slope upwards about one-third of the length and then slope downwards two-thirds of the length; they can be slightly longer than the outer corner of the eye.
  • Combing: use an eyebrow brush to comb eyebrows into shape so that all the hairs lie in the same direction, allowing for better application of the colour.
  • Applying colour: bring out and enhance the natural shape of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. To do this, always start from the inner side and work your way towards the temples with small strokes – this reshapes the hair structure.

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