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Visually extended eyelashes make any eye make-up look perfect

Eugène Rimmel first recognised that dark and thick eyelashes lend a special quality to the eyes as early as the 19th century. The founder of the cosmetics brand of the same name was the first to offer the black colour, pressed into a cake, for eyelashes. This early mascara had to be dampened, rubbed with a brush and then applied to the eyelashes. Only in the 1920s did the paste-like mascara become popular, and just a few decades later the mascara bottles of today with integrated applicators were available everywhere.

Mascara has been constantly developed since then, and today, a wide range of products catering to different needs is available on the market – in various shades, with a volume effect or for extending the eyelashes, and also increasingly with nourishing ingredients. Heinemann has a first-class selection of mascara as well as eyeliners and eyebrow pencils – conveniently order your favourite brand online now. 


The perfect mascara for every need – available online from Heinemann

Mascara comes in many different forms. The key factors for selecting the perfect mascara are the colour and length of your eyelashes, along with the occasion for which you are wearing the make-up.


  • Colour: most mascaras are black, so that they distinctly accentuate the eyelashes. The contrast may be very strong in people with extremely pale eyelashes and eyebrows. In these cases, a brown mascara like the Volume Mascara by Tromborg gives a more natural look. Brown mascara is also suitable for deliberately discreet eye make-up
  • Waterproof/wipeable: waterproof mascara such as Clarins Truly Waterproof or Diorshow by Dior are a good option when you go out dancing in the evenings, for playing sports or for when you are on the go in the rain. There are waterproof mascaras available which can be washed with warm water; however, most require an eye make-up remover.
  • Volume/length: almost all mascaras promise longer and fuller eyelashes. A few products have a crescent-shaped brush that covers individual lashes much better and also gives them shape, such as So Curl Mascara by Sisley or High Lengths by Clinique.
  • Care: if you apply mascara daily, you should opt for a mascara with nourishing ingredients, such as by Helena Rubinstein or Nilens Jord, so that the eyelashes do not become brittle.

For a more dramatic effect you could also apply a primer such as the Cils Booster by Lancôme or the eyelash activating serum M2 Beauté Eyelash. Get inspired by the variety of products offered in the Heinemann Shop and conveniently order everything you need for gorgeous eye make-up online.