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Lip gloss, lipstick and more: lip make-up for all your needs from Heinemann

The high-class range of make-up from Heinemann offers you a wealth of premium-quality lip make-up – in your favourite shade, matching your specific needs and, of course, by your favourite cosmetics brand: 
  • Lipsticks are available as firm make-up sticks or with a creamy texture. Lipsticks offer opaque, intense colours with different finishes, from matt to highly glossy. Lipstick has to be applied very carefully in order to get the right look. For this reason, many women use a lip brush, which makes it easier to colour in the lips precisely.
  • Lip gloss has a creamy or even liquid texture and is applied to the lips with the help of a small applicator. Gloss – as the name suggests – brings out a shine on the lips and makes them look fresher and fuller. However, lip gloss is less opaque and does not stay as long as lipstick. Creamy lip make-up does, however, contain moisturising substances and is perfect for making dry lips look attractive. 
  • Lip liners are useful little helpers for perfectly made-up lips: these make-up pencils, which look similar to kohl or eyebrow pencils, are used to draw an outline of the lips so that the lipstick does not bleed or feather. Lip liners should always be selected to match your lipstick shade.

Put on some lipstick – how to do perfect lip make-up

Sometimes, you simply have to rush your make-up. But for truly beautiful, consistently attractive lips you need to take some time. Follow a few simple tips to make your lip make-up a perfect success: 
  • Lip care: give your lips a brush down with a soft brush or a toothbrush and nourish them with a light, not too oily lip balm.
  • Contouring: trace the outline of the lips using a lip liner, starting from the middle of the lips towards the corners of the mouth. 
  • Colouring in: apply the same shade of lipstick to the lips – the best way is to use a lip brush. After that, dab off the excess lip make-up using a facial tissue.
  • Filling in: apply a second layer of lipstick without applying pressure and gently blend the lipstick with the lip liner by smudging.
  • Highlights: you can now put on some transparent gloss in the middle of the upper and the lower lip for special effect – this makes the lips appear fuller.
Of course, Heinemann not only has lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses and lipstick sets, but also premium-quality beauty tools like brushes and an extensive range of make-up for the face and eyes. Order top brands such as Dior and Estée Lauder, Clarins and Yves Saint Laurent at attractive prices online from the Heinemann Shop – up to 90 days before your flight date.