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Miles & More is a
partner of Heinemann

An Overview of the Advantages

Europe’s leading award and frequent flyer programme works together in partnership with Heinemann and offers you the opportunity to earn and redeem Miles & More award miles when making your purchases.

Earn award miles:
1 € purchase = 1 award mile

Redeem award miles:
330 award miles = 1 € purchase value


Earn Miles & More award miles

Simply show your Miles & More service card, or your digital service card in the Miles & More app, when you pay for your purchases, and you will earn one Miles & More award mile for every euro you spend (DKK 7.50 = 1 award mile).

You can earn miles when making your purchases in the Heinemann online shop by entering your Miles & More service card number, or by storing it in your Heinemann & Me profile.

If you pay with your Miles & More credit card at Heinemann, you will not only get the usual miles for your purchases in the Heinemann Shop, but also extra miles on your credit card purchases.


Redeem your Miles & More award miles

You could exchange your award miles for designer sunglasses, for a fine whisky or for your favourite perfume; you can do this in the numerous Heinemann Shops worldwide. 330 miles = €1 purchase value (44 miles = DKK 1). You can redeem your miles in all the Heinemann shops in Germany, Austria, Italy and Denmark, apart from on and on cruise ships.

You can redeeem award miles with a minimum of 3,000 miles in your Miles & More account. 3000 award miles equate to a purchase value of approx. 9.09 € / 68.18 DKK.


Miles & More – Everything you need to know about Europe’s leading award and frequent flyer programme

Founded in 1993 with initially seven hotel and car rental partners, Miles & More now has over 30 million subscribers, 27 Star Alliance partners and nine other Miles & More airline partners. Today, Miles & More is more than just a frequent-flyer programme. As a award and frequent flyer programme, Miles & More is networked with over 350 partner companies ‘on the ground’. Miles & More partners offer a wide range of products from the most varied areas of life, such as fashion, electronics, wellness, lifestyle and cuisine.

Further information about our partnership with Miles & More can be found in our FAQ

How can I earn award miles with Heinemann?

You can earn miles in our Duty Free & Travel Value Shops when you present your Miles & More service card. When paying for your purchases with the Miles & More credit card, the card needs to be used for payment and as a service card for earning miles. The use of your credit card as a service card during the payment process is not automatic and has to be requested.

You can earn miles in our online shop by entering your Miles & More service card number, or by storing it in your Heinemann & Me profile.

In which countries can I earn award miles with Heinemann?

Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy.

Can I earn or redeem award miles on cruise ships?

No. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to earn or redeem miles on cruise ships.

If I redeem my miles on a purchase at Heinemann, can I still earn award miles on that same purchase?

No, it is not possible to earn miles on purchases upon which you have redeemed your miles.

On which products can I earn or redeem award miles?

Miles can be earned on most products, with the exception of Heinemann Gift Cards, branded tobacco products, deposits, press and book articles, as well as shopping bags.

Can I also redeem award miles on a part of my purchases?

Yes – miles can also be redeemed for a partial amount. The balance is then settled with another form of payment. The miles will be deducted immediately from your Miles & More account.

I forgot to present my Miles & More service card when paying for my purchases at Heinemann. Can I still get the award miles credited to my account?

Yes, you can still get your award miles credited by contacting Gebr. Heinemann’s service centre (up to six months after your purchase was made). Please quote your Miles & More service card number and send us a copy of your till receipt.

You can find our contact form at:

Or you can contact us by the following means:

Free international Customer Service Hotline: 00800 222 44 224

German landline:
+49 (0) 40 80 00 45 40 (at local rates, mobile rates may vary).


SMS / Text-Message Number
International Customer Service text-message number: +49 (0) 151 1 222 44 22