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Your cleansing routine: effective facial cleansing in three steps

Everyday life takes its toll on your face’s skin: UV radiation, heat and cold, fine dust and exhaust particles and even make-up put their demands on sensitive skin cells. It is all the more important to thoroughly cleanse your skin at night – and that means every night:


  • Make-up removal: prepare your skin for cleansing using cotton wool pads and a make-up remover. Some products such as Biotherm Biocils Eye Make-up Remover are developed specially for cleansing the eye area; others like Clinique Take the Day Off can be used for your whole face.
  • Cleansing: depending on the type and age of your skin, you can choose between mild face soaps, cleansing foams and cleansing lotions for cleansing your face. A cleansing foam, such as one by L’Occitane en Provence, is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, whereas cleansing fluids and lotions such as Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk provide additional moisture to dry skin. 
  • Toning: you should tone and refresh your skin after cleansing and before applying moisturiser. Use a toner such as Tonique Douceur by Lancôme so that you wake up looking radiant again the next morning.

In addition to classic face cleansing products, Heinemann also has special product lines, for example for mature skin, as well as natural cosmetics by well-known brands such as Origins. 


Radiantly beautiful skin with face exfoliators – what you need to know

Scrubs or facial exfoliators cleanse the face particularly thoroughly and make it radiant. This is down to the tiny granules that gently rub off dead skin cells and simultaneously stimulate the skin’s circulation. An exfoliator is an excellent addition to your regular face cleansing routine if you take a couple of simple tips into consideration: 


  • Do not use an exfoliator every day: peeling gels such as La Prairie Cellular Mineral Exfoliator have been developed as an additional intensive cleanser – exfoliating daily could irritate sensitive skin. Exceptions are exfoliators such as the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser by Biotherm which is designed for daily use.
  • Use appropriate products:  both facial and body exfoliators are available. Body exfoliators include coarser peeling particles that could irritate the delicate skin on the face. You should therefore only use special facial scrubs and exfoliating gels on your face.
  • Careful face care:  a mild toner and a matching moisturising cream will calm the skin after exfoliating and make it all the more radiant. 

Another supplement to your daily care routine is eye and skin serums that act as a little refresher spa for the skin. Of course, you can also purchase these from our extensive skin care range from Heinemann.  Order your favourite products from Kiehl‘s, Shiseido, Origins and others now, and also discover the exclusive Travel Editions in the Heinemann Shop.