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Foot Care

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Put your best foot forward. Tips for pretty feet

Your feet not only bear the weight of your entire body, but also have to cope every day with narrow, tightly laced or high-heeled shoes. In addition to everyday stress, the skin on your feet has hardly any sebaceous glands and, as a result, becomes dry and cracks more quickly. This is reason enough, then to take good care of your stressed feet: 


  • A warm footbath now and then relaxes your feet and keeps them soft and smooth. You can add a high-quality bath oil or a little honey to the water. After the footbath, moisturise your feet with a rich foot cream such as Mood Aroma Therapy Deluxe by Tromborg.
  • Going barefoot more often gives your feet time to breathe. Talk a walk barefoot on the sand or grass in summer. In winter, you can simply take off your slippers from time to time at home.
  • Removing hard skin may be necessary depending on your heritage – hard skin develops very differently from person to person. Light callouses can be removed using a footbath and by exfoliating the feet afterwards. For harder callouses, a special foot file or pumice stone can be used.
  • Neat nails are crucial for beautiful feet. You should therefore shape your toe nails regularly with nail clippers and a file and varnish them with a transparent base varnish – or create a colour contrast with a high-quality nail varnish.

The carefully selected hand and foot care range stocked by Heinemann offers you a wide selection of luxurious foot care products. Discover creams, exfoliating scrubs and soaps now to care for your feet every day, making them soft, smooth and beautiful. 


Foot care products especially for stressed feet online from Heinemann 

Hand creams, face creams and body lotions can be found in almost every bathroom. Why can’t you simply apply body lotion or hand cream to your feet after showering? Body lotions are usually rather light, so that they are absorbed as quickly as possible. They only supply very short-term moisture to the thicker, drier skin on your feet. Hand creams are considerably richer than body milk and so on, but they are developed for your hands, which are permanently exposed to the air – unlike your feet.

In addition to their moisturising properties, special foot creams often also have slightly cooling qualities to soothe your feet and prevent them from sweating. Exceptions are combined hand and foot care products, such as Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand and Foot Salve, which you can also buy in the Heinemann Shop. Be inspired by the Heinemann range and order high-quality care products and make-up conveniently online.