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Bitter & Aperitif

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From Aperol to Martini – before the entrée comes the aperitif 

Aperitifs have a long-standing tradition. Be it in France, where an obligatory Pernod with water always precedes a meal, or in England, where a gin and tonic sounds the bell for dinner, the drink is considered to be a little time out; relaxing the mind and body, and whetting the palette. There are distinct regional differences in the choice of aperitif; however, the sky is the limit.

The most popular aperitifs include Campari and Aperol, as well as classical cocktails like the dry Martini or the Manhattan. For lovers of more sparkling drinks, a chilled Champagne or a Prosecco serves as an aperitif. Whether a light dinner or a five-course meal, a summer barbecue party or Christmas dinner – Heinemann offers you an excellent selection of international spirits, wines and Champagne as aperitif suited to your taste. 


Digestif: preferably with a distinctive bitter note 

While an aperitif introduces a meal, a digestif is served after dessert or cheese as the “closing bar” to assist in digestion. Most often, bitters are served as a digestif – these spirits fortified with herbal extracts contain bitter compounds that help to soothe the stomach and stimulate bile production.

Herbal liqueurs are also a type of bitters, even though some of them do not have a distinctly bitter taste. Not only are traditional herbal liqueurs such as Fernet Branca, Underberg or Ouzo popular as digestifs, even pomace brandies such as the Italian grappa, or brandies like the French Cognac or the Greek Metaxa are a classy ending to a hearty meal. These and many more international digestifs are available in the Heinemann shop – order spirits of your choice conveniently online up to 90 days before your date of departure. 


Indulgence from start to finish – with fine bitters and aperitifs from Heinemann

The menu and the season play an important role when deciding on the appropriate aperitif and digestif – however, ultimately, it is your own taste that decides. As a rule of thumb: 

  • Aperitifs and digestifs should be relatively pure and simple in terms of their preparation and decoration.
  • Aperitifs and digestifs should match in flavour with the choice of wine – sweet aperitifs and dry wines do not go well together.
  • Iced aperitifs do not go well with hot starters.
  • Small quantities: 0.1–0.2 l is ideal to start and end a meal with.

At Heinemann you will find the perfect accompaniment to every beautiful meal. From Pernod and Campari to Ramazzotti right up to aquavit and absinthe – order premium quality international spirits online in the Heinemann shop.