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Brandy – a spirit with an international history

Where there is wine, there is also brandy: it is not surprising that almost all major wine-producing countries also have a brandy tradition. The base for this fine distillate is white wine. In earlier times, the distillate was also used as a painkiller and for disinfection. Today, connoisseurs enjoy the international varieties and the distinctive characteristics of the main brandy producing countries: 

  • France, home of the world’s most famous brandies, Cognac and Armagnac 
  • Spain, famous for its Brandy de Jerez
  • Portugal, where they say brandy was discovered
  • Italy, which has built up a reputation for particularly long-aged brandies
  • Germany, which established the term ‘weinbrand’ for brandy
  • Greece, whose Metaxa is, strictly speaking, not a brandy but is even more popular

It can no longer be clearly proven today precisely where brandy originated. However, you can select your favourite brandy from amongst the top international brandy producers – in the Heinemann shop. 


It all starts with an excellent base wine: this is how brandy is produced

Brandy is produced exclusively from wine – this distinguishes it from pomace brandies like grappa, or other spirits that are made from wine and various other aromatic substances. Premium quality grapes and a carefully produced base wine are the basic requirements for a good brandy. Depending on the producing country or region, the base wine is distilled once or twice and the distillate is diluted with water to achieve the desired strength for drinking (around 40% vol.).

The crucial step is the subsequent storage in oak barrels, which is mandatory for brandy production. The spirit ages in the barrel for at least six months, in most cases however for three to ten years, where it develops its complex aromas. Premium quality brandies like Asbach Urbrand or a Spanish Gran Reserva are stored for ten or even twenty years before coming into the market. Visit the Heinemann shop and experience the extraordinary taste of these brandy specialities for yourself.


Perfect indulgence – the best brandies available online at Heinemann

Thanks to its versatility in terms of taste, brandy can be enjoyed in the most diverse ways. When consumed neat, brandy reveals a complex flavour experience to the connoisseur. As the main ingredient in popular drinks like the sidecar or the Sazerac, its mild aromas are highlighted perfectly with fresh or fruity ingredients. As an airline passenger, you can order the limited editions of Osborne, the Italian classic Vecchia Romagna, or Asbach in the Heinemann shop and have your brandy delivered conveniently to your doorstep.