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From gin to grappa – spirits to suit every taste

Aromatic and refreshing or full-bodied and strong: there’s a perfect spirit for every occasion and preference.

  • Bitters & aperitifs: A chilled Pernod, a Dry Martini or a crisp Gin & Tonic: a delicious aperitif before a meal whets the appetite and awakens the taste buds. A digestif (also called bitter), such as a herbal liqueur or an Ouzo, ends a perfect meal on a high note.
  • Brandy: Amber-coloured spirit with balanced aromas, which is shown to its advantage in a typical snifter: brandy is distilled from exclusive wines and refined over a long ageing process in oak barrels.
  • Cognac: Connoisseurs value the noble French brandies of Rémy Martin, Camus, Soerlie, or from luxury brands like Hennessy and Courvoisier.
  • Gin & Genever: The particularly diverse aromas of gin result from the distillation of what are known as “botanicals”: select plants, herbs, seeds and spices make every gin a novel flavour experience. Discover gin from traditional brands like Beefeater, The Duke Gin or Hendrick’s, as well as new trendy labels like Berliner Brandstifter, The Botanist or V2C, in the Heinemann shop.
  • Fruit brandy & grappa: French Calvados, cherry or raspberry brandy – in the Heinemann shop, you will find exquisite fruit brandies to suit every taste. 
  • Liqueur: Neat as an aperitif or digestif, to elevate cocktails or even in desserts: liqueurs can be used in many different ways and offer new flavour experiences every time – from fruity to sweet and sour to creamy and chocolatey. 
  • Rum: White rum elevates cocktails like the Cuba Libre or Piña Colada, dark rum is best had neat (without ice!): discover international rum varieties from major brands such as Havana Club, Bacardi, Riise or Mount Gay in the Heinemann shop.
  • Sherry & Port: Neat as a digestif, or as an accompaniment to a meal: sherry and port wine from long-standing brands like Taylor’s, Graham’s and Sandeman tickle the taste buds.
  • Tequila: From the classic Patron or Sierra Tequila to the hip AC/DC Thunderstruck, in the Heinemann shop you’ll find tequila to suit every taste – pure pleasure, as shots or in cocktails.
  • Vodka: In cocktails or neat, vodka is one of the best-loved spirits and is traditionally produced in many countries. The most popular vodkas are Russian and Finnish – perfect as a chilled icebreaker.

Buy exquisite spirits in the Heinemann shop

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