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Fruit Brandy & Grappa

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Fruit brandy - a spirit with a long-standing tradition

The traditional spirits of a region are each closely associated with the agricultural conditions that apply there. So, it really is no wonder that fruit brandies and fruity liqueurs have become more established in southern regions, while grain brandies such as korn and vodka are produced in regions further north.

One example, 'Obstler' like Freihof is especially popular in areas such as Southern Germany and in Austria. Regional classic fruit brandies can also be found in the Heinemann shop - as a nice party gift or for the bar at home.


100% fruit - this is how a real fruit brandy is made

Real fruit brandy is a quality product that is made with utmost care and without any additional flavouring. The most popular traditional fruit brandies include:

  • Apple brandy, such as the French calvados
  • Pear brandy, such as Williams Christ brandy made from one pear type
  • Kirschwasser, a cherry brandy steeped in tradition, especially in Austria

Even plum and apricot brandies, as well as fruit brandies made from quince or berries, are very popular. No matter what type of fruit, the production process is always the same: The ripe fruit is set either whole or chopped in water and fermented by adding yeast, until the fruit sugar has transformed into alcohol. Once the fermenting process is completed, the fruit mash is distilled in the still. Depending on the type of fruit brandy, the time it takes for the distillate to mature varies before it is diluted to the desired drinking strength and filled into bottles. 


Fruit brandy vs. fruit schnapps - what is the difference? 

A good fruit brandy can only be extracted from fully ripe fruit with high natural sugar content. Alcoholic fermentation is not successful with fruit types that have relatively low sugar content and higher acidity. Instead of water, these fruits can be mashed with neutral alcohol and distilled to fruit schnapps. A typical example is Himbeergeist, raspberry schnapps, which you can also find in the Heinemann shop. 


Neat, with your coffee or dessert - purchase fine fruit brandies from Heinemann

Real connoisseurs drink a fruit brandy neat or non-chilled, in the same tulip-shaped glasses as those that grappa is served in. And just like grappa, fruit brandy must rest for a bit in the glass before it fully develops its aroma. As a digestif, some prefer serving fruit brandy with or even in a cup of coffee - and of course, with calvados, pear brandy or apricot brandy, you can also add some flavour to your favourite cocktail.

Be inspired by the selection of high quality fruit brandies in the Heinemann shop and order your choice conveniently online up to 90 days prior to your flight - Heinemann will also deliver your order to your home or will make it available at the airport for you to pick up.