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A cure-all and “wine of the poor” – the origins of gin

The roots of gin are thought to lie in the Dutch drink jenever. In the 17th century, the spirit was mainly used as a medicine for all kinds of aches and pains. Only after the distillation and quality control methods improved at the end of the 18th century did gin become a favourite ingredient for drinks, even in the higher classes of society.

Today, gin is popular all over the world and is always acquiring new facets thanks to producers’ love for experimentation. You too can be inspired – by Beefeater, The Duke Gin or Hendrick’s, and other gin varieties at Heinemann.


Gin production: junipers and other 'botanicals' set the tone 

Flavouring with different types of plants, herbs, seeds, and spices forms the core of gin production. The so-called “botanicals” are selected and coordinated with the utmost care in order to achieve as harmonious a distillate as possible. 

  • Maceration: In the traditional flavouring process, juniper berries and other botanicals are mashed with a neutral alcohol and water so that the aromas leech out into the alcohol. Alternatively, alcoholic vapours can be passed over the botanicals in the distillation process.
  • Distillation: In the distillery, the alcohol is distilled from mash before being filtered several times to take the edge off the distillate. 
  • Dilution: The final distillate is diluted with water to achieve the required drinking strength. The finished gin is then stored for a few weeks before being bottled.

Over 200 different botanicals in more and more new compositions are now being used for gin production. Apart from the typical botanicals like citrus fruits, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg as well as aniseed and coriander, more and more fresh herbal notes, floral aromas and fruits can now be tasted in gin.


Enjoy premium quality gin – Heinemann shop

Gin is almost exclusively enjoyed in cocktails and long drinks, which perfectly showcase the intense aromas of the spirit. Gin minimalists swear by dry martini with a splash of vermouth. Those who prefer a fresher flavour mix a Tom Collins with gin, lemon juice and soda. And those who like to experiment modify the legendary gin and tonic as the whim takes them – always with gin varieties from the Heinemann shop and the various varieties of tonic water.

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