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Red wine, white wine or rosé – which wine excites you?

When it comes to selecting wine, it is not so much about finding the best wine but about picking up the perfect wine for the particular moment. Whether it is a full-bodied Merlot or an intense, mellow pinot noir, a fresh pinot blanc or an elegant, nutty Chardonnay, a sprightly and tangy rosé from Provence or a fine ice wine from the Mosel – ultimately, it is a decision based on your personal taste and the particular occasion.

A general guideline for selecting a wine is that foods with intense, robust flavours require strong wines. The crucial factor here is not the colour of the meat but usually the intensity of the sauce. Therefore, beef with a light, creamy sauce pairs well with a dry white wine, and grilled fish goes extremely well with a fruity red wine. Today, wine is grown not only in the usual wine producing countries in Southern and Central Europe but also in South America and South Africa, in the USA, and in Australia. Find your personal favourite now in the Heinemann shop.


Champagne, Crémant and Prosecco – fine sparkling wines available from Heinemann

If a country or region produces wine, it usually produces sparkling wine as well.Almost every traditional wine-producing country has its own signature sparkling wine with totally distinct characteristics in terms of flavour and taste. The most popular amongst these is, of course, Champagne, which is produced exclusively in the French region of the same name and in accordance with the strictest regulations. However, even the German Sekt has a long-standing tradition, since Riesling and other white wine grapes age particularly well in the cooler climate of Germany.

What Champagne is to the French, Prosecco is to the Italians. This sparkling wine is also produced in the protected region of origin in Veneto. Spanish sparkling wines are called Cava; and finally, the Heinemann range also includes the fine Crémant, which actually differs from Champagne only in the fact that it is not grown and produced in the Champagne region. Celebrate special occasions or simply raise your glass in a toast to life – with sparkling wine and Champagne from the Heinemann shop. 


An excellent selection: order wine and Champagne online from Heinemann

The range of international wines is almost unlimited. Even experienced wine connoisseurs keep discovering new vineyards and vintages. Heinemann makes it easy for you to select your wine with its carefully assorted range of premium quality wines and sparkling wines from all over the world. Use the filter function in the shop to find your preferred wine type or favourite wine-producing country – or take some inspiration from the Heinemann Special Offers and the Heinemann Editions