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White Wine

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From must to wine – this is how white wine is produced

Only the pressed grape must, without the skin and seeds, is fermented to make white wine. This explains the light colouration of white wine and its lighter, fresh taste. Red grapes can also be processed using this method to make white wine, like blanc de noir. 

  • Destemming, crushing and pressing: The grapes are removed from their stalks and crushed by machine immediately after harvesting. The free-run juice is collected, and the grape mash is then pressed.

  • Fermentation: Special yeast is added to the must for fermentation. Winemakers control the fermentation process by regulating the temperature. After a few days of fermentation the sugar has been converted into alcohol. 

  • Ageing: For the ageing process, the white wine is filled in tanks, wooden barrels or bottles, where it develops its individual aromas in varying ageing periods.

Many winemakers customise the production process to produce a wide range of different white wines. 

Is that correct? The most important questions related to white wine

  • Can white wine only be stored for a short time?

  • Very fresh, tangy white wine is best enjoyed within a year. In principle, most white wines should not be stored for more than 2-3 years. Premium quality white wines, or those with natural residual sugars can usually be stored for longer periods.

  • Does white wine only go well with salads and light meals?

  • Contrary to the general view, white wine pairs very well with cheese platters – its marked acidity beautifully complements the rounded, delicate flavour of fatty cheeses. Even red meat goes very well with a dry white wine if served with a light, creamy sauce.

  • Should a good white wine always be dry?

  • The image of sweet wines has suffered greatly in this part of the world due to the industrial production of inferior quality wines. However, wine connoisseurs highly regard the complexity of a fine Auslese, Trockenbeerenauslese, and other sweet wines such as ice wine from the world-renowned Mosel vineyard, Dr. Loosen, available from the Heinemann shop – delicious with desserts or cheeses.


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