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Questions? We have the answers!

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Heinemann & Me together with our answers. We hope they are helpful.

Collect Me

How does Collect Me work?

With Collect Me, you receive one loyalty point for each Euro when making your purchase.* If you reach or exceed one of the following point thresholds at the end of the year, you'll receive a loyalty bonus:

From 200 loyalty points = € 10 loyalty bonus
From 500 loyalty points = € 25 loyalty bonus
From 1,000 loyalty points = € 50 loyalty bonus
To earn loyalty points, simply show your Heinemann & Me card or app at the checkout. Of course you can also collect Collect Me points at - please enter your Heinemann & Me card number in your user account.

For how long can I collect points?

You can collect points from 1st January to 31st December during a calendar year.

Can I also earn loyalty points when I shop online at

Yes. You collect loyalty points with every purchase – regardless whether you're making a purchase at a Heinemann shop, by pre-order or online. By entering the Heinemann & Me card number all points are deposited on your account.

Do my loyalty points expire?

Yes, loyalty points expire at the end of every calendar year.

In which countries can I collect loyalty points?

At all Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value shops in Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Norway and Australia as well as in our Cruise Liner Shops (Mein Schiff 1 - 6, Mein Schiff Herz, MS Europa, MS Europa 2, MS Albatros, MS Amadea, MS Amera, MS Artania, HANSEATIC inspiration) and on

What happens to the points when I want to return my purchase?

The returned amount is deducted from the current total number of points.

When do I receive my loyalty bonus?

If, at the end of the year, you've reached or exceeded one of the three given point thresholds, you'll receive your loyalty bonus in the form of a voucher at the beginning of the following year.

Can I redeem my loyalty bonus on all products?

Yes. Excluded are tobacco products, return-deposit as well as print media, book articles and shopping bags. In addition, the loyalty bonus is not redeemable for alcoholic beverages in Norway.

Do I receive 3 vouchers, when I make a purchase to a value of € 3,000?

No. You'll receive a one-time loyalty bonus corresponding to the point threshold achieved at the end of the calendar year. If the point threshold achieved during the calendar year is above the maximum revenue threshold (e.g. € 3,000) you'll receive a product voucher for the highest recorded threshold (€ 1,000).

How do I find out my current total number of points?

The point total will be sent to you by email every month. As a Heinemann & Me member it is therefore important that you've confirmed your email address and have agreed to receive newsletters.

You can also view your point total at any time in the Heinemann App, which you can download and set up at any time.

Can points be added subsequently?

Unfortunately, subsequent addition of points is not possible at this time. For further information, please contact our customer service by phone on 00800 222 44 224 or by email: service[@]


Surprise Me

How does Surprise Me work?

Simply present your Heinemann & Me card or app with every purchase. With a little luck, you may win one of the many instant surprises at the checkout or online. The Surprise Me instant surprises can vary regularly and include instant discounts, vouchers, or product bonuses. Instant discounts are deducted directly from the purchase value. No more can be added to the purchase in that case.

Is the offer transferable?

No, the offer is redeemed instantly during the payment process.


Partner benefits

Can I use partner benefits immediately after submitting a membership request?

Yes, by using your instant ID or via the app. Some local services have separate terms and conditions.

How often am I permitted to use partner benefits?

The validity scope of each local partner benefit is defined individually (for whom, how long, how often, etc.). The service can be used at any time if no restrictions are defined. 


Other discounts and vouchers

Can I redeem my vouchers only at my home airport?

The Heinemann & Me vouchers can be redeemed in all Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value shops in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Australia as well in our Cruise Liner Shops (Mein Schiff 1 - 6, Mein Herz, MS Europa, MS Europa 2, MS Albatros, MS Amadea, MS Amera, MS Artania) and on

Can vouchers be given to customers who are not a Heinemann & Me member?

No. Since only Heinemann & Me members are allowed to use this exclusive service, vouchers can only be redeemed upon presentation of the app or the membership card.

Can vouchers be collected?

Yes, as long as they are valid. However, they cannot usually be combined with one another. Birthday vouchers cannot be collected, because they expire one year after the date of the birthday.



How long does it take until I receive my membership card or app?

The app can be downloaded at any time for use. The membership card is usually mailed in a letter within four weeks after registration to those who have chosen the membership card as a means of identification (only to member states of the European Union and the following countries: Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City).

Does the Heinemann & Me membership does have any age restriction?

Yes. Since we also advertise alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, members must be at least 18 years of age.

How do I cancel my Heinemann & Me membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time in writing (letter or email) or by phone

Postal address: 

Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG
Customer Service
Postfach [PO Box] 111 661
20416 Hamburg


Email: service[@]

Telephone: 00800 222 44 224

Detailed information regarding your membership can be found under Terms and Conditions of Participation.

*Valid in all Heinemann Shops in in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Norway as well as in our Cruise Liner Shops (Mein Schiff 1 - 6, Mein Schiff Herz, MS Europa, MS Europa 2, MS Albatros, MS Amadea, MS Amera, MS Artania, HANSEATIC inspiration) or at (valid delivery address in Germany required). Does not apply to tobacco products, return-deposit, Apple products as well as print media, book articles and shopping bags. Does not apply to alcoholic beverages in Norway.

**Once only upon submission of the registration form at a Heinemann shop or when registering online. You must have provided the compulsory minimum information and consented to the terms and conditions of participation. Minimum age for use of the discount coupon is 18 years. Cannot be combined with other special offers. Also excluded are already discounted items, the special offer range of products, tobacco products, return-deposit, Apple products, print media and books. Does not apply to alcoholic beverages in Norway. Not valid in Australia.