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Fine Foods & Sweets

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International delicacies for discerning gourmets

The best way to get to know the character of a country is to try its regional delicacies. It is not without good reason that when they arrive in a foreign country, gourmets always first go in search of the best meat or cheese specialities, famous local sauces or confectionery which is typical of the country. Heinemann has compiled a first-class selection of international delicacies with gourmets in mind – from mature Dutch cheeses to delectable Italian pasta and pestos, finest French pâtés and Tyrolean bacon, to classic chutneys and marmalades from Great Britain. Order the flavour of your favourite region, and have it delivered right to your doorstep – with Heinemann’s convenient home delivery service. 


Premium-quality natural products in the kitchen: oils, spices and more from Heinemann

It’s often the simplest things in life which provide the greatest pleasure, including natural products such as oil and honey, lovingly made from top-quality raw ingredients and processed entirely without additives. You can enjoy the pure and unadulterated taste of such foodstuffs in the Heinemann range. Try our finest Fleur de Sel from the sun-kissed coast of Ibiza, or real German honey from urban Berlin bees. Add the perfect finishing touch to a salad or starter with first-class olive oil from Spain or Italy, blended with Aceto Balsamico di Modena which has matured for 12 years. You’ll also find exquisite herbs, finest pepper and delectable nuts in the Heinemann Shop, alongside a wide selection of organic products. Be inspired by the aromas of nature, and browse Heinemann’s online fine food range.


Fine chocolates and pralines in the Heinemann Shop - sweet luxury

A tasty biscuit with a cup of coffee, a nibble of chocolate to brighten a break from work on a busy day, or a box of chocolates as a small thank you gift – hardly anyone can resist the temptation of sweet foods. particularly when the chocolate and biscuits are of unsurpassed quality. Belgian chocolates, Swiss chocolate, Italian biscuits, fruity gummy bears and a wide range of other delicacies await you in the Heinemann Shop – as a sweet something to give to your host, or as a reward for yourself. Of course, you can also order premium-quality teas and coffees to make your next coffee break simply perfect at the same time – up to 90 days before you fly. Enjoy the sweet life – and have your biscuits, chocolate, confectionery and other delicacies delivered to the airport for collection or straight your doorstep.