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Important facts: five things you didn’t know about tobacco


  • A close relative of the potato: tobacco is a nightshade plant – this can be seen from its flowers with five petals and its large leaves. Tobacco is therefore biologically related to potatoes, paprika and aubergines.
  • Forbidden pleasure: in the 17th century, it was forbidden to enjoy tobacco as the church denounced smoking tobacco and taking snuff as immoral pleasures. Tobacco could only be sold by apothecaries.
  • Tobacco as a cure-all: after the tobacco plant had been imported to Europe in the early 16th century, it was considered to have great healing properties. As a brew, powder or in the form of compresses, tobacco was thought to heal stomach and intestinal complaints, soothe pains and even defeat the plague.
  • Luxury tobacco: the most expensive cigars ever sold are the Cohiba Behike, which were manufactured in a limited edition of 100 boxes of 40 cigars each in 2006. The cigars, rolled by a master hand and numbered, cost 375 euros each.

Tobacco to go: without industrialisation, the cigarette would never have made its mark. Everyday life became faster-paced and more demanding, so there was no longer any time to enjoy a cigar or a pipe – people preferred enjoying a smoke that was quick and of good value.


Enjoyable and sociable – the many pleasures of tobacco

Nowadays, all around the world, the cigarette is the pinnacle of the most popular tobacco products, either as a ready-made filter cigarette or as a self-rolled cigarette made of finely cut tobacco. But tobacco also offers a wide range of intensive taste experiences for connoisseurs in addition to this:


  • Cigars and cigarillos: they are the most original and the most sophisticated way to enjoy tobacco – rolled from whole or cut tobacco leaves, without any additives or a filter. The best-known cigars are by Cuban brands like Romeo y Julieta, Partagas and Cohiba.
  • Pipe tobacco: the pipe is the embodiment of cultivated tobacco enjoyment. The Netherlands and Scandinavia in particular have a distinct pipe-smoking culture with a wealth of sweet and aromatically fruity pipe tobaccos.
  • Chewing tobacco, quid or snus, as it is called in Scandinavia, is a pressed and strongly aromatic tobacco which is held in the mouth or chewed. Like snuff tobacco, chewing tobacco is not smoked, so it can even be enjoyed in smoke-free rooms.
  • Tobacco heaters, also known as "Smoke Free Products" such as <a href="iqos/c/BRAND_7100/" target="_self">IQOS</a> are the modern form of tobacco consumption. Small tobacco sticks are not burned, but only heated at temperatures of around 350°C, which reduces the formation of substances that are hazardous to health.

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