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The history of the cigar – from Cuba to the western world

The tobacco plant originated in South and Central America where it has been smoked for centuries during special occasions. Christopher Columbus also learned about such tribal rituals when he was in Cuba, and the enjoyment of tobacco – in the form of pipe tobacco and cigars – spread throughout Europe with the expansion of the colonial powers into the 18th century. There were also large cigar factories in Germany. With the cigarette’s rise in popularity in the 20th century, the cigar lost its significance as a mass-produced product. It became a special enjoyment for connoisseurs who value first-class tobacco and the long, slow experience of smoking that is offered only by cigars. 


The fascination with cigars – the most famous cigar brands from Heinemann

Cuba, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are known for their expensive, traditionally produced cigars – the most famous cigars come from this region:

  • Cohiba: The legendary Cuban Cohiba owe their existence to Fidel Castro, who founded a state cigar factory from the cigars that were hand-rolled for him. They are known for their exclusivity and authentic enjoyment.
  • <Montechristo embodies strong aromas of the highest quality. Cuban cigars are completely made by hand and only from whole tobacco leaves, and are considered to be the strongest tasting on the market.
  • Romeo y Julieta is one of the oldest cigar factories in Cuba, and one of the first to achieve worldwide renown. Romeo y Julieta cigars offer an aromatic, harmonious experience that even Sir Winston Churchill appreciated.
  • Davidoff is a Swiss tobacco brand with a long tradition, which produces cigarettes, pipes and pipe tobacco as well as cigars. Davidoff cigars are known for their variety – there is something for every connoisseur.

Whether you like Cohiba Robustos, Davidoff 1000, Romeo y Julieta no. 1 or Partagas Series E – discover a new personal favourite now in the Heinemann range. 


Cigars from the Heinemann Shop – enjoy cigars with style

It is not only the quality that is crucial for enjoying a cigar, but also that it is smoked correctly. First-class cigars deserve to be handled properly: 

  • Take your time: the densely rolled tobacco leaves burn slowly. Drawing on them quickly and in a hurry impairs the taste. Depending on the type of cigar, allow around 30–60 minutes to enjoy it. 
  • Cut off the end of the cigar: the wrapper on high-quality cigars is closed at the ends and must be cut with a cigar cutter or cigar scissors before smoking.
  • Do not use a petrol lighter: the smell of petrol impairs the complex tobacco aromas – instead, use a gas lighter or a long match whose head is completely burned down.

Enjoy it like a connoisseur: order cigars, tobacco goods, spirits and fragrances online to collect in the Heinemann Shop at the airport.