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From teddy bears to unicorns: soft toys in the Heinemann shop

There are some things that should not be missing on a trip. Children, especially, are always excited to have their trusty companions and friends that accompany them everywhere they go. A soft and cuddly friend makes every trip all the more enjoyable: in the Heinemann shop, you’ll find a wide range of wonderful soft toys from famous brands such as Steiff, Sigikid, Spiegelburg, Nici and WWF. Tip: watch out for the special Travel Editions that can only be purchased from the travel retail range. Discover beautiful soft toys that even come with their own small suitcases. The suitcase can be quickly converted to a travel cot for the tiny companion – and that makes travelling fun!


Soft toys - trusty friends to cuddle and play with

White polar bears, purple unicorns or little grey mice: soft toys are available in all sizes imaginable. For example, extremely realistic stuffed animals from Steiff or WWF that are perfect as souvenirs and small gifts from your travels. How about a panda as a souvenir from Asia? A small monkey or lion from Africa? Or a colourful parrot that immediately reminds you of the tropics? Of course, you don’t have to travel all the way to the Arctic to pick up a polar bear or penguin as a cuddly new companion. The same goes for the magical fairy-tale figures from Sigikid, Spiegelburg or Disney. Unicorns and other fairy-tale characters such as Winnie the Pooh or small princesses take us along into the world of adventure. In addition to soft toys, cuddly pillows and cushions also ensure sweet dreams for sleepy heads.

Tip: Soft toys from Disney, WWF or Nici as plush rucksacks or keyrings make for perfect companions on all adventures. This way, adventurers both young and old always have their soft toys with them. And a smiling emoji keyring will even impress the older kids and teenagers – and anyone else who deserves a smile.


Buy soft toys in the Heinemann shop - perfect as a gift or souvenir

They don’t just make children’s eyes light up: soft toys are wonderful birthday gifts, souvenirs and travel companions. You can also brighten someone’s day with a small surprise gift of a cuddly new friend, without any occasion. You want to pick out the perfect soft toy before starting your trip? In the Heinemann shop, you can search for appropriate souvenirs and gifts as early as 90 days before your day of departure. Make use of our convenient pre-order service – this way, you can quickly and conveniently pick up your order in the Heinemann shop at the airport of your choice.