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Macarons and Manner wafers: every country has its pastry specialities 

When it comes to pastries, each country has its own typical specialities – from sugary sweet biscuits to crunchy cookies to moist sponge cakes:
  • Italy has made crunchy cantucci and the round, fragrant amarettini world famous. Both are made with almonds, and are popular with coffee or as an ingredient in sweet desserts, such as the Amari brand.
  • France is home to macarons. This colourful meringue with sweet filling is all the rage, and is available in a wide range of flavours in the Heinemann Shop.
  • Austria is known for its soft, nutty Manner wafers – and, of course, for its unique Sacher cake, which is now far more than a mere pastry: it’s a registered trademark in its own right. 
  • Great Britain would not be complete without afternoon tea – and the wonderful pastries to accompany it. Whethertraditional shortbread, ginger biscuits or chocolate cookies – these delicacies taste even better when enjoyed with a good cup of tea. 
  • Germany comes into its own at Christmas time, with gingerbread, speculaas, stollen and a wide range of Christmas biscuits. But there are also regional pastry products in Germany which have gained acclaim beyond the country’s borders, such as “brown cake” from Hamburg. 
As with all regional delicacies, finest pastries are the perfect gift to bring home to a loved one if you’ve been away. And doubly so given the added visual appeal of the decorative packaging you’ll find in the Heinemann Shop. Put together a small but delicious selection of confectionery and surprise your loved ones.

Chocolate, nuts, spices or fruit – Heinemann offers a varied range of biscuits and pastries

Some like it soft and crunchy, others like the added bite of crunchy nuts and almonds, whilst still others prefer the taste of chocolate, lemons or exotic spices – cookies and biscuits are available in an unbelievably wide range of tastes and flavours. The creativity of the manufacturers is boundless: The Italian manufacturer Amari adds pure cocoa mass to its biscuits for a uniquely intense chocolate aroma. Chocolate biscuits made by the British brand Cartwright & Butler taste wonderfully fresh and spicy thanks to ginger, and the East India Company focuses on the now very popular combination of caramel and sea salt in its biscuits. Of course, you’ll also find traditional pastries in the Heinemann Shop – from Sacher cake to Italian biscuits with nuts and fruit to classic chocolate cookies. Pamper yourself and others with sweet treats from the Heinemann Shop: Order biscuits and pastries, confectionery and many other delicacies online up to 90 days before your flight date.