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Nuts & Salty Snacks

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Crunchy, spicy or sweet: nuts are culinary chameleons

Thanks to their high fat content, nuts are perfect for roasting; this process draws out their fine fragrance and makes them even crunchier. Traditional nut selections such as trail mix generally contain untreated nuts and dried fruit. Snack nuts, on the other hand, are generally roasted.
  • Roasted and salted – virtually all nuts are available in this form, with peanuts, cashews, almonds and macadamia nuts being particularly popular.
  • Roasted and seasoned – in the Heinemann Shop, you’ll find spicy nut mixes from Al Rifai, for example, which are meticulously seasoned with salt, spices and smoked or cheese flavours.
  • Coated – normally peanuts, particularly NicNac’s, but also hot and spicy Wasabi nuts from Japan, or Dutch peanuts in cheesy batter. 
Nut mixes are very popular. In the Heinemann Shop you will also find perfectly matched compositions of different nuts and kernels. To create the perfect, rounded culinary experience, manufacturers such as Al Rifai add other crunchy ingredients to their roasted nut mixes – such roasted chick peas, for example, or maize kernels.

Delicious variety: which nuts do you prefer to have served as a snack?

Whether brain food or bar food, nuts are a popular snack. The selection is huge – even if not all popular nuts are actually nuts in the botanical sense.
Peanuts originate from South America, and are classics with beer or as a snack. They’re available roasted, salted or with spicy sweet pepper seasoning. Coated peanuts are particularly popular as a snack at parties – such as Wasabi nuts or NicNac’s from Lorenz, for example.
  • Hazelnuts were formerly native to Turkey and Asia, but are today grown all over Europe. They are used in mixed nut selections such as trail mix. Their mildly tangy flavour goes well with sweet foods – which is why hazelnuts are often used in baking or truffles. 
  • The macadamia is also called the king of nuts. Macadamias fascinate with their fine, buttery flavour. These originally Australian nuts are roasted and salted, seasoned or sweet glazed.
  • Cashew nuts grow in South America and India and are not really nuts, but kernels of the cashew fruit. Still, the crescent-shaped cashews with their intense nutty aroma are very popular in nut mixes, roasted and salted, or as an ingredient in Asian dishes.
  • Almonds are the kernels of the stone fruit of the almond tree and grow mainly in California and Western Asia. They are a traditional ingredient in pastries and other confectionery, although their subtle, sweet flavour is also ideal for combining with stronger flavours – for example as salted almonds or smoked almonds. 
Walnuts, Brazil nuts and various kernels and dried fruits can also supplement delicious nut mixes. Find your favourite blend or try a new flavour from the extensive range of savoury snacks available in the Heinemann Shop.