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Tips for perfect make-up with style

Make-up can make you look gorgeous in countless ways, provided that you ensure you use your cosmetics skilfully and professionally. Here are some basic make-up tips to make sure every look works:
  • Before applying make-up, the skin should first be thoroughly cleansed, for instance with a cleansing gel or a facial cleanser by Biotherm, La Mer or Clinique. Then, apply a face cream that is absorbed well.
  • Any skin redness or unevenness can be covered with a corrector or blemish stick so that the skin looks evenly toned. 
  • Spread a light concealer along the inner rim of the eye up to the corner – this makes your eyes look particularly lustrous. Tip: 2-in-1 foundations such as those by Clinique, Collistar or La Prairie, already contain a concealer. 
  • Now, apply the foundation, preferably using a make-up sponge or with a special foundation brush. Start with the nose and the region around the mouth and spread the foundation evenly up to the hairline as well as the neck and perhaps even the upper chest area so that no edges are visible. 
  • Now, accentuate your make-up by selectively applying a darker face powder or a rouge using a make-up brush. Make-up tip: the cheekbones can be accentuated with a slightly darker shade of powder, while lighter shades bring out the shine in the eyes. 
  • For eye make-up, accentuate the contours of the eyes first with kohl. A light lid line makes the eyes look bigger, while a darker kohl is perfect for smokey or cat eyes. 
  • After this, you can apply the eye shadow. If you are using multiple shades, you should start with a lighter shade and blend the different colours with an eye shadow brush so that the colour transitions are uniform and harmonious.
  • Enhance the eyelashes with mascara. Tip: applying mascara in a zigzag motion avoids clumped up lashes and also ensures a length boost. 
  • For lip make-up, use a lip liner to accentuate the lip contours, and a lipstick to provide colour and shine. If you prefer the nude look, you can use lip gloss to lend a natural shine and more volume to your lips.
One final make-up tip: when applying make-up, ensure your make-up and nail polish match – this will give you a particularly stylish look.

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