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Fragrances add a special aura to a room

There are an amazingly wide range of room fragrances available – from fresh, fruity scents to romantic vanilla or floral fragrances to spicy, oriental varieties. There are also a range of modern scent compositions which cater perfectly to various furnishing styles – clear fragrances for open-plan, minimalistic style apartments, for example, or floral, aromatic scents for country-style homes. It’s your personal taste that decides which fragrance best matches your home.

And you may want to use a range of fragrances for different occasions or different times of day – a revitalising scent in the morning followed by a relaxing fragrance in the evening which exudes a sense of well-being and helps you to wind down. Tip: relaxing fragrances work best in the bedroom or bathroom. Discover our wide range of modern room fragrances and create a pleasant and positive atmosphere in your home with scented candles.


From room sprays to air fresheners – soothing room fragrances

Room fragrances like Rituals are not only available in a wide range of scents, but also in various forms such as air sprays, fabric fragrances or scented oils:

  • Room sprays come with a spray bottle which enables you to spray the fragrance into the room just as you would spray perfume or eau de toilette. Room sprays can be deployed in a variety of ways, whenever and wherever they are needed – you can fill the whole room with a fragrance or spray it in a specific area of the room, and repeat whenever you like.
  • Fabric fragrances work in much the same way as room sprays, but are used specifically to make clothing smell good. You can use them not only to spray the clothes in your wardrobe, but also for curtains and other fabrics around your home, such as cushions, throws or upholstered furniture.
  • Scented sachets and scented pillows are simply placed inside cupboards to exude their delightful fragrance.
  • Scented oils for fragrance lamps, diffusers or dispensers fill the whole room with long-lasting fragrance. 

Heaven scent: order room fragrances in the Heinemann Shop

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