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International specialities – gourmet delights from around the world

Each country has its own typical delicacies. In the Heinemann Shop, you’ll find a wide range of these specialities, manufactured by established brands and smaller, regional producers, and carefully compiled for your personal culinary expedition:

  • In Sweden, elk meat is particularly popular, and is sold dried, or as ham or sausages. Other popular foods include jams made from indigenous berries, marinated herring (sill) and sweets made of marzipan.
  • Germany is renowned for its extensive range of meat and sausage specialities, for its many types of bread, and for regional spirits such as Korn and fruit brandies.
  • Austria has its famous Sachertorte, finest jams, and Tyrolean sausage and ham specialities.
  • France is the kingdom of wine and cognac. It’s also famed for its exquisite pastries and terrines, as well as the finest French chocolate and pralines.
  • Italy is synonymous with pasta, pizza and pesto – and, of course, olive oil, first-rate wines and finest spirits such as grappa are also part of the Italian way of life.
  • Spain‘s typical specialities include wine and olives, cheese such as manchego and meat products such as jamón serrano and chorizo. Spanish confections also include sweet foods with almonds or other nuts.
  • Greece is famed for its excellent olive oil, its honey and wines such as Retsina.

Of course, Heinemann also stocks a wide range of specialities from other countries – from Dutch cheese to Danish liquorice to Japanese whisky. Sample the rich diversity of international specialities and order finest delicacies online in the Heinemann Shop.


Delicacies from the Heinemann Shop: the best of all worlds

Many holidays culminate in a leisurely shopping spree to buy regional specialities as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home. But when you’re travelling for business, you often don’t have time to go shopping – and even holiday-makers often struggle to find the right supplier or are shocked by the high prices in holiday resorts. Which olive oil is the best? Where can I find authentic sausage specialities or good, natural honey? Heinemann makes life easier for you – with its first-rate range of selected delicacies, all marked by high quality and authentic taste. Order international fine foods, wines and spirits online from Heinemann and take the opportunity to browse through exclusive travel editions of fine foods in the Heinemann Shop.