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Deodorants vs. antiperspirants – what are the differences?

The differences between a perfume and a deodorant are obvious: firstly, perfumes have a much more intense smell than deodorants; and secondly, perfumes are applied on the neck and wrists, whereas deodorants are mostly used on the underarms. However, there are subtle differences even between deodorants – which is why you will often find the term ‘antiperspirant’ being used for a deodorant.

A normal deodorant, be it a spray or a deodorant stick, contains alcohol and aromatic substances, which neutralise the odour created by sweat. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, mostly contain aluminium salts, which inhibit the formation of sweat and reduce perspiration. During the warm season or when there is increased perspiration, people more often than not choose an antiperspirant such as DKNY. People with sensitive skin, however, should preferably use a nourishing deodorant cream without alcohol like those by Elizabeth Arden


Stick, roll-on or spray – scented deodorants available from Heinemann

A deodorant is part of most people’s daily body care routine. For this reason, not only is the fragrance of crucial importance but also the application. Heinemann has all the usual types of deodorants available: 

  • Deodorant sprays feel light, dry immediately and refresh the skin. In addition, deodorant sprays, such as those by Kenzo or Paco Rabanne, offer the advantage that they can be used not only on the underarms but on the entire body – this is especially useful in summer or while playing sports.
  • Deodorant roll-ons are mostly liquid products, which need a moment to dry after applying. They do, however, provide particularly long-lasting protection against sweaty odours. In addition, deodorant roll-ons, for example from Issey Miyake or Clean, are compact and hard-wearing, and fit into any handbag.
  • Deodorant sticks are similar to roll-ons in terms of size and effectiveness. They dry faster than a roll-on because of their creamy or even compact texture. Many antiperspirants are available as deodorant sticks. A few products also contain nourishing ingredients which soothe the skin after shaving.

Subtle fragrances – buy exquisite deodorants online from Heinemann

Wear your favourite fragrance all day long as a touch of freshness on the skin: Heinemann offers you a premium range of select deodorants from leading cosmetics brands. Indulge your skin and senses, and order your luxurious deodorant online from Heinemann up to 90 days before your flight date – the Heinemann Home Delivery Service delivers your personal care products and cosmetics directly to your doorstep.