Please check your details in the fields marked in red.
Please check your details in the fields marked in red.

Returns and complaints?
No problem at Heinemann.

Just because we fully believe in each and every one of our products doesn't mean that you have to. Sometimes, perhaps you are already at home when you realise that you have chosen the wrong product. At Heinemann, returns are no problem at all – whether you have made your purchase in one of our airport shops, on a cruise ship or online. After all, your satisfaction is even more important than our range of products. You can find helpful information relating to returns and complaints on this page.

How can we assist you?

Don't you like the item that you purchased or is it faulty? Would you like to exchange or return the product, or get it repaired? Please select the appropriate topic.

Where did you buy the item?

Cruise ship

How do I return an item that was bought on a cruise ship?

Please contact our Customer Service by phone or by email.

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Online shop

Can I cancel or edit my order?

You can cancel your order in your customer account up until the moment it is prepared for dispatch. To do so, click on "Orders", then on the order and on "Cancel order". If you can no longer cancel your order, you can send the package back or tell your DHL deliverer that you refuse to accept delivery. You cannot edit your order once it is placed.

How can I return an item?

If you would like to return an item, please select the required order under "Orders" in your customer account and mark the "Returns" option in the order details. Once you have clicked on "Returns", a completed DHL returns label will open. Please print this out and attach it to your package. If your return consists of several packages, you may print out several labels. You can now take the package(s) to your DHL branch. Returning items is free-of-charge for you. Please ensure that the goods being returned are packaged appropriately. Items can be returned at no extra cost to you if you send them back to us in perfect condition and within two weeks of receipt, provided the goods were not already damaged or spoiled upon delivery to you. We are sorry to say that we cannot reimburse our flat shipping rate.

What should I do if the delivery is damaged upon arrival?

If the package is visibly damaged upon delivery, you should refuse to accept it. If the damage is visible only after you have accepted the delivery, send the damaged goods back as described above and select "Cost-free replacement" when creating the returns label. If a bottle has broken, please contact our Customer Service to discuss how to proceed before destroying the item.

I have returned an item. How can I see the status of my returns?

Unfortunately you cannot check the status of your returns in your customer account. Please consult the shipping tracking provided by your deliverer instead. We will confirm receipt of your returns by email.


Have you got an upcoming flight scheduled?

If you do have an upcoming flight, you can return or exchange your item(s) in a Heinemann Shop. To do so, please first check that your next flight is from an airport where we have a presence. To Location overview

To return or exchange your purchase in a Heinemann Shop, please bring the receipt. The goods must be in their original packaging.

Please also observe the regulations regarding carrying liquids through security. Each item must be 100 ml or less. You can bring liquids such as perfumes and cosmetics up to 100 ml in size through security control in a resealable, clear plastic bag and then return them to our Heinemann Shop (for liquids above 100 ml, please contact our Customer Service).

Our colleagues at the airport will be happy to try to exchange your items. Please appreciate, however, that this depends on product availability in each shop. If an exchange is not possible, we will happily offer you a voucher or refund your purchase.

No upcoming flights scheduled in the near future?

You're not planning any more flights in the near future? No worries. Please contact our Customer Service to organise how to send your items back smoothly.

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Unfortunately, we must admit that out of the many items we sell worldwide, there will very occasionally be one that is faulty. If such a product has ended up in your shopping basket, please accept our apologies. We promise to process your complaint as quickly as possible and provide you with a replacement or repaired item.

Please contact our Customer Service, who will approach and handle your concern in a smooth way that is tailored to you.

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We hope that we have been able to answer all of your questions. If this is not the case, our Customer Service Team will be happy to provide you with more help.

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