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Black gold – what you need to know about coffee

Coffee is said to have its roots in Ethiopia, where it was already drunk more than a thousand years ago. From the African continent, sailors spread the coffee plant to the Arab world, Asia and the Caribbean. From here, coffee was imported to Europe and spread mainly through coffee houses. Today, every country has its own coffee culture with typical speciality coffees: the Italian espresso and cappuccino, the Spanish café cortado and café con leche, the Viennese melange, and the French petit café or café au lait. Heinemann has selected coffees for authentically preparing these and many other coffee specialities – which is your favourite?

Small and strong or gentle and creamy – your favourite coffee from Heinemann

Whether filter coffee or espresso, Greek mocha or a trendy cold drip coffee – which coffee you drink is purely a matter of taste. Heinemann offers you a wide range of coffee varieties for modern coffee preparation. How about an Indonesian coffee from 100% Arabica beans in in organic quality? Or a classic espresso roast from Brazilian coffee beans? If you are in a hurry, there are also handy coffee capsules and coffee pods containing premium international coffees.

An indulgence that takes time: exquisite teas in the Heinemann Shop

Tea connoisseurs know that how you prepare your tea is just as important as enjoying it. Tea is incredibly diverse, and each variety has its own typical characteristics:
  • Black tea is consumed in the UK, in Scandinavia and in Northern Germany, but also in the Turkish and Arab regions. Its dark colour is down to the tea leaves being allowed to oxidise completely after fermentation before they are heat-dried.
  • Green tea is widespread throughout Asia, but is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe due to its fine aroma and health-promoting substances. The tea leaves are wilted, rolled and dried, without oxidation occurring.
  • Herbal or fruit tea is actually not a tea, as it is not obtained from the tea plant, but from leaves, flowers and/or fruits of different plants. These herbal infusions are particularly popular in Germany.
Be inspired by first-class tea blends from Kusmi, enjoy black tea from the traditional Twinings brand, or discover Azercay’s fine Azerbaijani tea – online in the Heinemann Shop.