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Pepper – the versatile and exotic stranger in the spice mill 

Pepper is an everyday spice with history: it was one of the first exotic spices to come to Europe on merchant ships from India and Southeast Asia. For a long time, Germans used “pepper” as a synonym for all spices from overseas – as can be seen in the fact that they still call gingerbread “pepper cake”. We know of four different types of pepper, all of which are obtained from the fruits of the same plant: 
  • Red pepper comes from the ripe, dried berries of the pepper plant.
  • Green pepper comes from berries which are harvested before they ripen and are then dried or preserved in brine.
  • White pepper is sourced from fully ripe berries which are peeled and then dried – making it smoother than black pepper, for example.
  • Black pepper comes from green peppercorns whose skin turns black and wrinkly during the drying process.
Blends of different pepper varieties are particularly popular with barbecued meat or pasta, for example decoratively layered in a peppermill by the Italian manufacturer TerraMezzo, or as a colourful barbecue peppercorn mix from Il Boscetto or Sal de Ibiza, available in the Heinemann Shop.

International gourmet salts and seasoned salts in the Heinemann Shop

A meal without salt is virtually unthinkable today – salt has been preserving and adding flavour to our food for centuries. But for gourmets, salt is also an endless source of inspiration, constantly being reinterpreted with premium-quality gourmet salts and exquisite seasoned salts. The basic choice is between rock salt and sea salt: rock salt is extracted from salt mines and sea salt comes from seawater. Many regions also produce special gourmet salts, such as the French Fleur de Sel, which is taken from the first, wafer-thin salt layer in the saltworks, pale pink Himalaya salt, Sylt sea salt, black salt from India and many more. In addition to a wide range of premium-quality salts, the Heinemann Shop also stocks herbal salts and seasoned salts for creative cuisine – such as chilli salt from Sal de Ibiza or exquisite truffle salt from the Italian brand Urbani.

Order fine spices, salt and more online from Heinemann

Herbs and spices make life more interesting: they invite you to try new things and experiment, and they inspire creative cooks. Whether you’re looking for Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, thyme and rosemary, exotic spices such as cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon, hot spices such as chilli and pepper, or exquisite gourmet salts – the Heinemann Shop stocks an extensive range of delicious spices and salts as well as countless further delicacies, which airline passengers can order online.