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Native olive oil: the origin and variety are crucial

In Mediterranean regions, olive oil is a cultural heritage which has been around for millennia. It is popular not only on account of its exquisite flavour, but also for its health benefits: unlike refined vegetable oils, it contains a considerably higher proportion of monosaturates and polysaturates. But what fascinates most gourmets about olive oil is its taste variety: unlike rapeseed oil or germ oil, every olive oil has its own unique character, shaped by the olive variety and the region in which it was produced. Major olive oil producers are Italy, Spain and Greece, as well as Portugal, France and North Africa. Which olive oil is the best is always a question of personal taste: visit the Heinemann Shop to try the first-class Italian olive oil from Terramezzo, Spanish olive oil from La Organic and many more.

How do you recognise a good olive oil?

Even before you taste it for the first time, you can determine the quality of an olive oil by its green to golden yellow colour and its fresh fragrance, which has absolutely nothing harsh or unpleasant about it. Olive oil is a pure natural product and is sold mostly unrefined in Germany. If a manufacturer dispenses with the filter process, the oil may be cloudy. This is not a sign of inferior quality, but rather one of naturalness. There are eight different quality categories for olive oil, with only the first two being sold on the market: 
  • Native extra olive oil/extra virgin/virgin extra: pressed directly and cold, absolutely no sensory flaws,
  • Native olive oil: pressed directly and cold, may contain slight sensory flaws.
In the Heinemann Shop, you’ll find premium-quality olive oils and luxury flavoured olive oils with added herbs and spices to add a special twist to your favourite dishes.

An experience for your taste buds: Balsamic vinegar and other vinegars from Heinemann

First-class vinegars have absolutely nothing in common with the sour, sharp taste of vinegar essence. Premium-quality fruit vinegars, wine vinegars or the famous balsamic vinegar which you can also purchase from Heinemann are meticulously manufactured natural products offering a complex variety of flavours and leaving their special stamp in more than just salad dressings. The most popular of vinegars is without doubt Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena, which matures in wooden barrels for at least 12 years, but sometimes for 24 or more – delectable with dessert or cheese. Discover these and other specialities in the Heinemann Shop – as a passenger you can order conveniently online and have delicious vinegars and oils from all over the world delivered to you.