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What eye make-up suits my eye shape?

All eyes are unique. However, you can distinguish between a few basic shapes which can be accentuated and contoured with the right make-up tricks. 


  • Almond-shaped eyes are ideal and can be made up in various ways. For eyes that are quite far apart, you need to accentuate the inner eye area with eye shadow and eyeliner, whereas for close-set eyes the outer eye area needs to be highlighted.
  • Downturned eyes can be visually lifted with an eyelid line drawn slightly upward at the corner and a light or slightly shimmering eye shadow under the eyebrow. The eyebrows should not slope towards the temples, instead they should be shaped straight or even slightly upward using an eyebrow pencil.
  • Round eyes often seem especially big. A broad brush of matt eye shadow contours the eyes without highlighting their round shape. The eyelid line can be made slightly broader towards the temples and complemented with a dark kohl on the lower eyelid – this imitates almond-shaped eyes. The eyebrows should be shaped almost straight or slightly arched. 
  • Hooded eyes: Hooded eyelids can be visually concealed and the eyes made to look “open” by applying eye shadow in an arch shape and a fine eyelid line on the upper eyelid. The eye make-up can be complemented with a light kohl on the lower eyelid and a discreet eyebrow pencil – the eyebrows should not be too dominant if you have hooded eyes.

Enchantingly beautiful eyes – all your eye make-up needs from Heinemann

With proper make-up and the right techniques, you can contour your eyes, accentuate your assets and conceal any perceived flaws. However, eye make-up is also about looking healthy and well-groomed. The Heinemann Shop offers you an extensive range of products to cater to this need: 


  • Eye care: with an eye care cream or eye care serum, you can moisturise and nourish your eyes before applying make-up. At the same time, eye make-up remains beautiful for longer on a well-cared-for skin.
  • Eyebrows: eyebrows frame the eyes and need regular care – regular plucking with tweezers and combing with a brush give them the proper shape.
  • Concealer and foundation: a concealer covers dark circles and makes the eyes shine. It can also be used as an eye shadow base. Heinemann also has special eye make-up foundations that make eye shadow and eyeliner last longer.

Select your eye make-up with eye shadows, mascara and kohl that match your eye colour and your style, and are perfect whatever the occasion – Heinemann has all your favourite brands including L’Oréal, Shiseido and Sensai, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique and many more.