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Nail Polish

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From base coats to top coats – make-up for the nails

Nail polishes are available in numerous gorgeous shades and variations, so you can keep creating new looks for your toenails and fingernails – from subtle French nails to brightly coloured nails in fashionable and trendy colours, right through to nail care with colourless nail strengtheners in a nude look.

Nail polish not only looks beautiful, it is also extremely simple to apply: simply apply the polish to dry and clean nails, let it dry and you’re done. There are a few tips and tricks to follow to make sure your nail polish lasts a long time and looks immaculate, as if done in a nail studio:


  • Before applying nail polish, you should first clean your nails and clip them or file them into shape. Any remnants of old nail polish should be removed with nail polish remover.
  • It is advisable to first apply a base coat so that the fresh nail polish lasts longer. A base coat ensures better wear and fills in irregularities like grooves or cracks on the nail surface. Brittle fingernails can also be strengthened with a nail strengthener. It is important to apply the base coat evenly and allow it to dry properly before you apply coloured nail polish.
  • Coloured nail polish should be shaken briefly before applying so that the colour pigments get distributed properly. After that, lightly wipe the nail polish brush on the inner neck of the bottle so that you do not take too much colour.
  • Place the tip of the applicator as flat as possible in the middle of the lower edge of the finger nail. Now paint the nail in even strokes up to the edges – if possible, without painting over the cuticle or the nail edges. Tip: broad fingernails can be visually narrowed if you leave out a thin edge on both sides of the nail while applying nail polish.
  • Nail polish dries in about 15 minutes. Avoid any contact with the wet coat during this time. Blowing on the nails with your mouth or a blow-dryer could reduce the drying time, but it could also lead to unevenness.

You could use a top coat to ensure that the coloured nail polish lasts longer. A colourless top coat acts as a protective coat and also ensures a smooth and shining nail surface. Make your nails shine with professionally applied nail polish.


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