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Moisturising, refreshing and beneficial – products for bathing and showering

Is there anything nicer than an invigorating shower that leaves the skin feeling cleansed and moisturised and your senses are pampered by the beneficial fragrances? Bathing and showering refreshes, cleanses and moisturises at the same time, because cleansing your body and skin care go hand in hand. This requires body moisturising and body cleansing products that are designed for the requirements of different skin types: 
  • Shower gel for dry skin not only cleans the skin thoroughly but also moisturises it. The same is true of bath and shower oils that not only hydrate but also unobtrusively replenish the skin’s natural oils. This means that the skin is moisturised even when showering and is protected from drying out.
  • Shower gel for sensitive skin is notable for its particularly gentle ingredients, ensuring that your sensitive skin is not attacked by aggressive cleansing agents or irritants when showering. A skin-neutral pH value and the use of mild surfactants are crucial to ensure the skin-friendliness of soaps and shower emulsions, ensuring the skin’s natural acid mantle is not damaged when washing and showering. In addition, shower products designed for sensitive skin are rich in high-quality ingredients to ensure that irritated skin is soothed and moisturised. 
  • Normal and combination skin also enjoys gentle and pH-neutral cleansing products for washing and showering, ensuring the skin’s natural protective function remains balanced. Moisturising ingredients keep the skin supple. If you have skin with a tendency to become oily, you should choose shower gels with fruity ingredients, such as citrus fruits, for instance.
  • Body scrubs stimulate the skin’s circulation, as their grainy structure thoroughly massages the skin. In addition, body scrubs remove dead flakes of skin which ensures the skin is thoroughly cleansed and gives it a fresh tone. The skin is particularly receptive to moisturising ingredients after exfoliating, as the pores have been cleansed. We therefore recommend pampering your skin after exfoliating, with body care products such as body lotion, a body mask or a body oil.
Many beauty brands offer excellent care ranges so that you can spoil yourself with care products that are perfectly coordinated, from shower gels to exfoliators to body lotions.

For cleaner and cared-for skin: order bath and shower gel from the Heinemann Shop

Ensure your skin is cleansed and moisturised gently, and pamper yourself when washing, bathing and showering with beneficial fragrances: order shower gel, exfoliators, bath and shower oils in the Heinemann Shop.  You will also find complete cleansing and skin care sets from popular brands like Biotherm, Clarins, Clinique, Molton Brown, Nuxe, Rituals and The Body Shop, often in a Travel Exclusive edition and in practical hand luggage sizes.