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Deodorants – attractive fragrances, moisturising ingredients and antiperspirants

After a spell of exertion or when it’s hot, we quickly start to sweat. Everyone has around three million sweat glands which are responsible for sweating. Our body regulates its temperature by forming sweat – a wonderful thing, in fact. However, sweat can quickly begin to smell unpleasant, particularly when combined with bacteria and micro-organisms. The solution: deodorants.

The demands on deodorants are high: they should not only mask unpleasant smells effectively with their fragrances, but also prevent smells forming in the first place using antimicrobial ingredients. After all, it is bacteria and micro-organisms that are primarily responsible for unpleasant body odour. Deodorants therefore contain antibiotic antimicrobial ingredients so that smells do not develop at all. Antiperspirants also influence the activity of the sweat glands in order to control excessive sweating. As a result, not only is the smell of sweat blocked from the outset, but embarrassing sweat patches do not have a chance of forming if you use an antiperspirant deodorant.

In addition, modern deodorants contain selected moisturising ingredients to keep the skin healthy and smooth, as the skin in the armpit area can become reddened and irritated by shaving and hair removal. Moisturising ingredients in deodorants can help to soothe the skin again.


Deodorant stick, roll-on deodorant, deodorant cream and spray – different deodorant products

Deodorants are available in lots of different formats for spraying or direct application to the skin. The best-known deodorant products are:


  • Deodorant roll-ons
  • Deodorant sticks
  • Deodorant creams
  • Deodorant spray (pump spray or aerosol)

In addition to the form of the deodorant, its fragrance also plays a crucial role – this is where your personal preference comes into play: fresh citrus notes or a flowery scent? A breath of sea breeze or a fragrance-free deodorant? Tip:  big brands like Bulgari, Dior, DKNY, Gucci, Hermès, Calvin Klein and Versace have moisturising ranges and deodorants to match their popular perfumes – so you can enjoy your favourite scent as a deodorant.

Lots of popular men’s fragrances, for example Davidoff Cool Water, Hugo and Boss Bottled, are also available as deodorants – which is a great gift idea for men with style.


Roll-on, stick or spray – order effective deodorants from the Heinemann Shop

Treat yourself to the innovative moisturising formulas and enticing scents: with deodorants from fashionable beauty care experts such as Biotherm, Collistar, Clarins, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme, L’Occitane en Provence, Nuxe and Rituals. Order your effective antiperspirants and deodorants conveniently and at attractive prices from the Heinemann Shop.  You can also discover the wide range of high-quality grooming products in practical sets – allowing you to enjoy a complete series of pampering products from deodorant to shower gel and body lotion.