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Hand & Foot Care

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Caring for your hands – how to pamper your skin and nails

Our hands are not only our most valuable tool, they are also a kind of advertisement. Just as your face is not hidden by clothing or accessories, nor are your hands. Dry, scaly skin or brittle nails are quickly noticed. At the same time, your hands are washed more frequently than any other part of your body and they are confronted on a daily basis by dirt, temperature fluctuations, cleaning agents and many other challenges. This is sufficient reason to pay particular attention to the skin on your hands: 


  • when washing them hands, use a mild hand soap, such as the fruity and flowery scented soaps by Molton Brown. 
  • You can also treat your hands to a warm hand bath with some nail oil or a scented body oil, especially before a manicure. 
  • Cut and file your nails regularly using a good pair of nail scissors or nail clippers.
  • Look after your skin every day with a special hand cream that moisturises well and keeps the skin feeling smooth. 

Heinemann has a large selection of hand care creamsand two-in-one hand and nail creams available. Try the rich handcreams by La Prairie, L’Occitane en Provence and The Body Shop.


Eye-catching and a feel-good factor: beautifully cared-for feet

Delicate feet with well-cared for nails not only look nicer – meticulous foot care is also important for your own sense of well-being. The skin on your feet is naturally somewhat thicker and has hardly any sebaceous glands. As a result, it dries out very quickly, forms calluses and becomes cracked. Your toes and nails are stressed above all by tight footwear, and by the heat that builds up in your shoes over a long day.

Your feet carry you through your daily life – treat them to a bit of downtime now and then with luxurious care products from the Heinemann Shop.  The Heinemann range includes cooling foot creams such as Tromborg Mood Aroma Therapy and the hand and foot balsam from Kiehl’s, as well as moisturising exfoliators and oils, and, of course, nail files, nail varnishes and other accessories for thorough foot and nail care.

Order care products from leading international brands online up to 90 days before the date of your flight and simply collect your order on the day of departure. Or use the Heinemann Home Delivery Service and have your hand and foot care products, make-up, scents and much more delivered conveniently to your home.