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Hand Care

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The right hand care for every requirement – online in the Heinemann Shop

The skin on your hands is as individual as the skin on your face. Added to which, your hands are subjected to varying degrees of stress depending on your lifestyle and particular routines. It is therefore all the more important to find the right hand care in the high-quality range stocked by the Heinemann Shop.

In contrast to face care, high-quality fats and oils are important in hand care, as these hold the skin’s moisture and keep it smooth. Plant oils such as olive oil, almond oil and shea butter are frequently used in hand creams and hand care lotions. In principle, you should use a fast absorbing hand cream during the day, for example the Rhubarb & Rose hand lotion by Molton Brown, or the Eight Hour Intensive Hand Moisturizing Gel by Elizabeth Arden. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should consider a hand cream with a sun protection factor to prevent pigment spots forming, such as Biotherms Biomains Hand & Nail Treatment.

At night, we recommend a richer hand cream – apply a thick layer and wear thin fabric gloves on top so that the cream works overnight like an intensive treatment for your hands.


How to keep your hands soft and moisturised

Naturally, the right care routine plays a part – but a few practical everyday tips can help you to keep your hands soft and moisturised:


  • Wear cleaning gloves: washing-up liquid and cleaning agents dry out the skin and irritate it – so it’s always best to wear rubber gloves when cleaning the house.
  • Alternate the temperature when washing your hands: when washing your hands, put them alternately under hot and cold water – the change in temperature will stimulate the skin’s circulation.
  • Mild hand soap: use a special soap for washing your hands, such as one by Molton Brown or Rituals.
  • Hand cream appropriate for the time of year: cold weather and the dry air produced by heating dries hands out more quickly in the winter. You should therefore use a richer hand cream in the colder seasons, such as Karité Shea hand cream by L’Occitane en Provence. 

A massage now and then stimulates the circulation in your hands and increases a sense of well-being. Alternatively, you can gently exfoliate your hands with a hand scrub made by Rituals.


Order heavenly scented hand creams and soaps online from Heinemann

Often, hand creams are made based on plant-based ingredients – with high-quality oils like argan oil and coconut oil, moisturising ingredients such as verbena and camomile, and elegant scents like rose, orchid and lily. This is not only true of natural care products, but also of hand creams by well-known brands. Discover enticingly scented hand care products in the Heinemann Shop now and order online up to 90 days before your flight date.