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Beauty sets – from cleansing sets to facial care sets to haircare sets

Beauty sets come in all varieties and combinations – after all, we all have different skin types and requirements. Facial beauty sets are the perfect example: you’ll find skin care sets providing comprehensive skin care for various skin types alongside special anti-stress and anti-ageing sets that nourish and protect our skin. Some facial beauty sets address the special needs of particular facial areas – the delicate skin around our eyes, for example, needs to be handled differently to the skin on our forehead or cheeks.

Other facial beauty sets consist of day creams and night creams, or special night repair sets – because skin has different requirements during the night than during the day, where UV protection plays a more prominent role, for example. For this reason, luxury brands which are known for their innovative skin care – such as La Mer, Shiseido, Sensai, La Prairie, Sisley, Dior and Lancôme – offer a wide selection of quality beauty and skin care products, from cleansing sets for clear skin to facial care sets for the face and body to hand & nail sets for well-groomed hands and healthy nails.


Well-groomed on the go – with handy travel sets

When you travel, it’s particularly important to make sure you have everything you need to feel and look good. A handy travel set contains all the indispensable beauty products you need on the go, in convenient travel sizes for your hand luggage: with a body care set, for example, you’ll always have a moisturiser, body lotion, hand cream and a facial cleanser to hand, whilst hair care sets offer you shampoo, conditioner and hair repair sets, often compactly packaged in attractive little bags or travel cases.

If you wish to purchase body care products or beauty sets for your hand luggage, make sure you choose the correct hand luggage size of 100 ml or less. Airline passengers are only permitted to carry liquids up to this limit in their hand luggage – safely packed in a transparent and resealable 1-litre plastic bag. Creams, lotions and gel-based beauty products such as lip balm or hair gel are also classed as liquids, and therefore need to be packaged accordingly in your hand luggage.

For this reason, the Heinemann Shop stocks a wide range of beauty sets in travel sizes or as special Travel Exclusive editions.


Pamper yourself – buy inexpensive beauty sets in the Heinemann Shop

Indulge yourself and pamper your body with a beauty routine – or surprise a loved one with a gift set. Also, look out for our great twin travel size sets – and buy two 30 ml fragrances for the price of one 50ml product.

If you have a valid ticket for a flight within Europe, you can place an online order for inexpensive beauty sets in the Heinemann Shop. And don’t miss our Special Offers section, where you’ll regularly find different products from the extensive Heinemann range at considerably reduced prices – from first-rate spirits to trendy make-up and beauty products to exquisite fine foods.We’ll deliver your order promptly to your door – or arrange a later delivery if you’re away travelling. Or why not use the Heinemann pre-order service, and collect your order at the airport – fast and simple.