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Cheese – the manufacturing process makes all the difference 

Cheese is made from milk protein. The milk used can come from cows, sheep, goats or even buffalo. Depending on the manufacturing process, there are three basic types of cheese: 
  • Hard cheese is made from unpasteurised raw milk. After the curdling process, the curds are cut finely, heated to a high temperature and pressed for 24 hours to remove as much of the whey as possible. After floating the cheese in salt water, it is then allowed to mature for anything from 6–36 months. Well-known hard cheeses are Parmesan, Gruyère and Emmental.
  • Semi-soft cheese is suitable for slicing. Common varieties include Gouda, Appenzeller or the popular raclette cheese. The curds are made from raw milk or pasteurised milk, and cut into medium-sized blocks before being pressed. The rounds of cheese are then floated in salt water and allowed to mature for some time.
  • Soft cheese is made from coarse curds which are heated only slightly and pressed very gently so that the cheese remains soft and moist. Soft cheese is only left to mature for a few weeks. During this time, it either develops a mould rind – like Brie or Camembert – or a so-called red smear, caused by the salt water, as in the case of Romadur or Reblochon.
There are also a wide range of quark and cream cheese varieties available, containing only minimal quantities of rennet. Cream cheese is drained and does not mature, so has to be eaten quickly. On a side note – virtually all cheese varieties go excellently with fruit, mustard and fruity preserves, which you can also order from the Heinemann Shop. 


Reypenaer – legendary Dutch cheese with a long maturation period

Holland has a reputation for being a cheese-loving nation – but besides the well-known mild varieties such as Gouda and Maasdamer, the Netherlands also have some exceptional cheeses with intensive flavours. Reypenaer is one of the best examples of this – as shown by its name, which translates as “matured”. This hard cheese is manufactured using traditional methods and in limited quantities, and matures naturally for up to two years in a century-old storehouse, under the watchful eyes of experienced cheese masters. The different maturity levels of Reypenaer cheese stocked in the Heinemann Shop will remind gourmets of exquisite cognac – Reypenaer which has matured for at least one year, for example, is designated “V.S.O.P” (Very Superior Old Product), whilst Reypenaer which has matured for two and a half years is classed as “X.O.” (Extraordinary Old). However, the Heinemann Shop also stocks younger and milder tasting cheeses – perfect in combination with dry sherry or port.