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Tagliatelle, farfalle, orecchiette – the diversity of Italian pasta

The range of Italian pasta shapes is vast and heavily shaped by regional influences. Besides spaghetti, tagliatelle, macaroni and penne, the most popular pasta classics include:
  • Farfalle: wide pasta with a pinched centre, with a shape that looks like a butterfly
  • Fusilli: short spiral-shaped pasta
  • Orecchiette: small, thick pasta, shaped like rounded ears 
  • Lumache/lumaconi: short pasta, shaped like a snail’s shell
  • Conchiglie: generally large shell-shaped pasta, can also be stuffed and gratinated
  • Pappardelle: very wide pasta ribbons
  • Rigatoni: variant of penne with a ridged surface
  • Cannelloni: large, long, cylindrical pasta which is stuffed and gratinated
There’s a simple reason for the wide variety of pasta shapes available: each is designed to perfectly absorb a different kind of sauce. Spaghetti is perfect for thin sauces or pesto. Short pasta shapes such as orecchiette or fusilli are combined with chunky sauces, for example vegetable sauces or a bolognese sauce. And hollow pasta shapes such as macaroni or penne are ideal for absorbing creamy carbonara or a cheesy sauce.

Best made of 100% durum wheat semolina: Italian pasta from Heinemann

Italian pasta is made of durum wheat semolina, the finely ground grano duro which gives the pasta its typical “al dente” character. Whilst fresh pasta dough is made with eggs and therefore has to be eaten within a few days, dried pasta – as stocked in the Heinemann Shop – is made purely of durum wheat semolina and water. Sometimes plant-based colouring agents are added to the pasta to further enhance the visual appeal of fine pasta dishes:
  • Green pasta is made by adding spinach or herbs to the pasta dough.
  • Red pasta can be coloured either with tomatoes (orangy red) or beetroot (purply red).
  • Black pasta contains squid ink, and is regarded as a speciality in combination with seafoods and fish.
The gourmet pasta varieties from Italian manufacturers such as TerraMezzo and Borgo de’ Medici, which you can order online in the Heinemann Shop, are also available in typical pasta colours. Some are also available in mixed colours or with intricate stripes.

Authentic enjoyment – buy Italian pasta and other delicacies online 

Gourmet pasta transforms an everyday meal into fine dining. Take advantage of the exceptional range in the Heinemann Shop and buy your pasta and delicious sauces online. A little parmesan and a fine wine add the perfect finishing touches to this Italian treat – Heinemann stocks a wide selection of these delicacies and more.