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Skin-cleansing and care – this is what shower gels are all about

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is also its protective shield: stress, environmental factors, temperature fluctuations and many other things could adversely affect it. A lotion or a body oil moisturises the skin – but you can also nourish your skin during your daily shower itself. Many shower care products contain cleansing as well as nourishing and moisturising substances.

On top of that, there is also the distinctive fragrance. This, however, does not remain on the skin the same way as a perfume; instead, it mainly helps to make the showering experience more pleasant. If you would like to enjoy the fragrance of your shower gel throughout the day, you should opt for a care range from Heinemann that not only contains shower care and body care products, but also perhaps a deodorant, all with the same fragrance.


Shower gel, shower oil, shower foam – what are the differences?

It is not only the fragrance but also the composition of a shower care product that matters. While people used to use just a bar of soap, today there is an extensive range of personal care products to choose from:  

  • Shower gels such as Elizabeth Arden, are classic shower products and mainly serve the purpose of skin cleansing. A shower gel contains surfactants and aromatic substances among other things. Shower gels are usually not suitable for washing hair – a shampoo is recommended for this purpose.
  • Shower creams contain nourishing substances such as almond or avocado oil in addition to surfactants. These plant-based oils act as oil-balancing substances, i.e. they restore the skin’s natural protective layer.
  • Shower oils, from names such as Nuxe, contain an even higher percentage of oil-balancing substances than shower creams and provide especially rich nourishment and care. For this reason, shower oils are ideal for people with dry skin, who usually have to put on some lotion immediately after a shower. 
  • Shower and bath foams, such as those by L’Occitane en Provence, can be used as a shower gel or for a scented bubble bath as required. This combination product is very similar to the classic shower gel in terms of composition, and it often smells particularly intense.

Select the shower care products that suit your skin type and your preferences in the Heinemann Shop – you will find a premium range of gorgeous smelling shower care products by top international brands.